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One for the Girls...or maybe not?

:rolleyes: If i wasnt already aware that my other half had had the snip i swear i have a problem with bloating and look seriously about 4 months pregnant lol... I'm chuffed to ne a non smoker but bloody hell this is a nightmare.

I sit here feeling most uncomfortable thinking that if i had a valve on my tummy and i pressed it to relieve the gas i would feel much better(probably a good thing this cant happen , cos i think i would fly off into the sky like a balloon) is this common?. I feel a bit down about putting on a few pounds and i know with time i can perhaps shift that, but its not nice never having been this weight before and my partner is being a very sweet guy by saying i havnt......... until i said the other day i had and he said "well ya tits have got bigger"..... i replied..." you made that up" he said well maybe lmao! cheeky git.

Anyhow, great to see us all doing so bloody well, a huge pat on the back for us all:D as of today i have saved £333.00 in 43 days so BRING IT ON!!!

Cazzy xx

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Acid problems,sore throat?? Withdrawal problems??

Hi everyone.I am new to this website and i gave up over 7 weeks ago now and am chuffed to bits!! Only snag is i have really bad acid reflux of whch i am on medication and a persistant sore throat/windpipe pain?? Is this my body 'renewing' itself post ditching the old ciggies?? Anybody had the same??

Anyway,the fags are now a definite thing of the past and my body must adjust to that,end of!!


Welcome hammerette! wow youve done really well coming so far, especially if youve been putting up with nasty withdrawals to boot.

I havent really got a sore throat anymore but I did have when I was coughing the majority of the gunk up. my hubby has had a bad throat and chest for weeks now, hes also been really congested and his asthma has gotten worse instead of better? go figure.

I think everyone is different and as me and hubby have found out the longer into the quit we go the more our physical withdrawls differ, so try not to worry.

If it really bothers you though, maybe go see your doc? might be something he can suggest??

Good luck, and well done you!, stay strong, charlene.


Hey boudee, been on a few times in the last few days but must of been on at a different time to you.

Wasnt on last week as really busy, never mind eh? good to see ya!:D


Yes I can see you, and get a bloody wash for gods sake! :p


Hi Boudee and Charlene,great to hear from you and replies are soooooooo quick,its great!! Yes,this wretched 'windpie pain' has had me going to and fro to see my GP and he must think i am a right fraud?? Am on antacid tablets for the reflux,which do help but was really hoping it would be gone before i fly abroad in 2weeks.I will NOT succumb to the cheap ciggies in Turkey either,guess they will be around £1.20 for 20 but i am just not interested.NO NO NO,gone 7 1/2 weeks now,and here is to the next 2 months.I just feel so down with this rubbish 'throat issue'.

Keep in touch guys,you know it makes sense!!!!!!!!!!!!;)


Dear oh dear, if you still have it when you go on hols, just drown the feeling with kebabs and beer till you dont know if youre coming or going! :D

Or on a more sensible note, you could take a family sized bottle of gaviscon. Dairy is meant to be good for acid too so on the plus side its a go ahead to stuff yourself with ice cream! yeey!!!

Ps- ignore the cheap cancer sticks and spend the money on extra booze, ice cream and kebabs, yum yum......

Stay strong you can do it lass!


Hi Charlene

I have asthma, and mine was really bad at first, 2 1/2 months in and im blowing 100 more then before my quit, before was 450 at a push now its 500, that was after a month mind so it could be even better now, i feel great.

Hi Cazzy

I have taken out my shares in the indigestion remedies :D

I'm fine in the morning, so flat it great, i have my breakfast not to bad, then my dinner, its like 3 months preggas, its been like this since the begining, i use actimal etc the docs say i will be fine in time, my bodies healing it self so fingers crossed!


(Quit Date 29th May 2007 10.00pm)I Have been NRT Free for 4 Days, 23 hours, 46 minutes and 29 seconds (4 days). My Free oF NRT Date: 07/08/2007 18:30


Oh i WILL do it,Charlene,you have my word on that.Cheep beer,eating lots and when i am not doing that s'pose i will just have to go and have a dip in the pool-you know how it is!! Hubby well chuffed with me,anyway,and just hope these withdrawal symptoms go.

I am never ever smoking again and even being near smokers does my head in!!:eek:

GROSS and just wish i never started.Thanks for the tips,anyhow.



Gotta go now chaps.Tea is ready.Got to keep the old man happy etc etc.

Speak soon !!


Cheers Caroline, at least I can tell hubby there is a light at the end of the tunnel, mind you we gave up in june so maybe it should be getting better now?

He says his hayfever doesnt help matters either.

Onwards and upwards Hammer, and you can come back and tell us all how you had a beltin smoke free holiday! wahey!!

Just dont be getting up to any drunken antics now,



Hi Charlene

Yer the hayfever is a nightmare, it does give you the feeling that your asthma is playing up, but its not, I've been taking anti histamines for the past 3 months, and my nose is dripping buckets, my eyes sting so bad you'd think i hadn't slept for a week!

If he goes back to the doctor at any time, tell him to ask if he can blow into that tube, he will see the difference through there, mine said she was going to leave it a couple of months see how my quit goes then she is going to lower the dose.


(Quit Date 29th May 2007 10.00pm)I Have been NRT Free for 5 Days, 45 minutes and 31 seconds (5 days). My Free oF NRT Date: 07/08/2007 18:30


well done cazzy

yes my tummy looks like im pregnant and my thighs are looking huge :eek: .you can guess were all our saved money will go cant you... a new wardrobe full of bigger clothes lol


my GP told me that sore throats are caused by coughing as a smokers lungs can't clear but once a few weeks smoke free the lungs begin to work again :D

thats gotta be good for my lungs then thats haven't cleard in 25 years

scarey thought :eek: :eek:


Why is it only Boudee's boobs have gotten bigger?????? If I could move 3/4 of my butt to my boobs I would have big ole' HOOTERS



Hi Cazzy

congrats for reaching day 44, i am having same problems my boobs have got bigger and my stomach is bloated and dispite going to the gym regularily still seem fat cant get rid of stomach, a lot of its air as i am suffering from wind still


Hi All

Join the club, i walk 5 miles a day, mainly up hill, aqua twice a week, reeboc stepper for an hour sat/sun, plus 30min on v-fit ab trainer, AND IVE PUT ON 7lb, now i ask you! whats up with that?


(Quit Date 29th May 2007 10.00pm)I Have been NRT Free for 6 Days, 2 hours, 23 minutes and 8 seconds (6 days). My Free oF NRT Date: 07/08/2007 18:30


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