Just starting 16th week/112days

I am well pleased with this, feeling great and very proud

That's 2,799 Fags not smoked

£769.10 not spent on fags

Still on course for the penthouse

I went outside a little while ago and noticed Rose bush is in leaf already surely this is very early

still :D :D :D

Love to you all


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  • Way to go quit buddy. following close behind one week in fact. xxxx

  • Hi Linda :D

    Thank you so much

    Yes you're one week behind me and we are both following Tony who is 5 days in front of me I think


    Marg [quit buddy]xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • :D:DA Big well done to you!!:D:D

  • Thanks Tim you're doing great as well :D

  • Well done you, 4 luna months, great!!



  • Hi Nic :D

    Thanks I forgot about luna months

    Love Marg

  • Marg, Well done to you. Your posts have really helped me and you are very appreciated. So glad you are doing well.:D:D

  • hi marg,,16th week,,so proude of you girl:D,yes i am just 5 days in frount of you,and linda is just behind you ,,we are all heading for the pent house,and by god we will get there by hook or by crook,,,just need to keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D

  • Hi Jody :D

    Thank you I am pleased if I have been able to help you at all but that is what we are all here for

    Hi Tony

    Thank you I am proud of me too you will be the first of us 3 to arrive just make sure you find us all a decent room each because after all this I for one am not settling for anything else and like you by hook or by crook I will get there

    I am keeping the faith and also keeping :D :D :D

    Love to you both


  • Well Done Margaretxx

    You've worked so hard and you are a great comfort and help to everyone on here, here's to the next 16 weeks:D

  • hi marg and linda,,nothing but the best for you too,,best rooms in the house,lol tony:D

  • Hi Yvette :D

    Thanks Yvette you are very welcome to any help I can give



    Hi Tony :D

    I should think so to nothing but the best but don't forget you get a good room as well if they won't give you one wait till me and linda get there we'll soon sort them out for you



  • Well done Margaret,16 weeks,thats something to be proud of.:D

  • Hi Anniem :D

    Thanks Anniem I am very proud

    Love margxxxxxxxxx

  • Hello forum mummy!!:D

    well done - YOU SOOOOOO DESERVE this, so pleased for you

    big cyber hug xxxx:)

  • Well done margareth.........

  • WELL DONE, Marg!!! That is a great accomplishment and huge milestone! Thanks for stickin around for us newbies!!! It is very much appreciated! :D:D:D

  • Hi Shabba :D

    Thanks Shabba cyber hug received very nice it was to

    Love MummyMxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    Hi Dubbs :D


    Love Marg

    Hi Bella :D

    Thanks for those kind words If I can help others as I was helped by others on here then I am pleased and happy to do it

    Love Margxxxxxxxxx


    Well done to all three of you.

    Keep on keeping the faith




  • i 2nd that jan:D


  • Hi Jan :D

    Thankyou so much will certainly go on keeping the faith and smiling :D :D

    Love Margxxx

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