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Ebt girl

Hi all

Just letting you know this time i didnt make it (again). Am working on sorting out other things in my life, am getting a lot of exercise with my beautiful English Bull Terrier SCOOTER and am eating a lot better. When the time is right i will be back and i will QUIT. Like someone on here one posted to me you havnt failed until you give up, i havnt given up and i will be back. Lilbear how are you doing cant see any posts from you.

GOOD LUCK to all of you that are on the road to being NICOTINE free.


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Hi EBT Girl

Come back whenever you're ready and we will all be here for you


Marg xx


Hy Ebt girl

I,m still here day 7 moro thats where i fell last time. I havent been posting much has not been feeling hundred %..... You will succeed wen your ready believe me i been trying for a yr and a half...... You take care and look forward to seeing you back when your good and ready.....:) If you wana mail me feel free to do so if i aint posting i,m reading regularly. I am debating on wether i should ask to try the champix i dont want to keep pumping nicotine into my body threw the patch,s but dont feel i can do ct... so anything that can help me get threw this... Look forward to hearing from you soon x

Mandy xx


EBT Girl

As marg said we are here when you need us.


Well done hun you have made it thro the worse part the first week. You take each day as it comes one step at a time dont worry about next week just today. you will be so proud of yourself maybe just stick with the patches for the first week or two if it helps. But I will say this CT isnt as hard as people make out i swear on my life i found it easyer good luck anyway.xxxx


Hi Mandy :D

Sorry you've not been feeling up to par and hope you feel better soon but you're doing great well done




Thanks marg, lindaspicer and jim

Your encouragement helps alot.... as i said to Ebt i not been feeling 100% thats why i aint been posting to much...... But day 7 today and i,m on my guard i should already know all this i was especially upset with myself when i caved at 9 wks at one point and carnt even understand why i did it :mad: Any enough of the past

Thanks jim i,m going to give ur advice a try starting today......

Hope Ebt girl still out there and reading the post miss ya

mandy xx :)


Morning Mandy

come on hun your starting week two today. You know we are all here for you posting may make you feel a little better. Hope today gose well for you.xxxxxxxxxxx


Hy linda

I,m feeling great for getting threw my first week.....:) And it has,nt really bothered me today though i dont want to be caught off guard so i,m very aware i,ve still away to go..... I havent been posting much as i,ve been unda the weather possibily with all the dif weather were havin we dont know wether we comin or going lol..... Feeling better then i did though so will probly start posting more..... Thanks for the encouragement at times it feels like its very much needed.......

I read threw post if i feel the urge coming on and it really helps knowing i,m not the only one.....

mandy xx


Next time i post will be when i have gone one full day

Thanks everyone..... and Lilbear one day at a time... dont go back.... go forward... hope you win huni .

Next time i post on here will be when i have completed my first day and ater that there will be no going back.



Hi Mandy :D

1 week that's wonderful well done BIG HUG on it's way just for you keep it up




Hi Lil Bear,

Well done on reaching the end of the first week.

You have finished the hardest part,keep going and be proud.



Marg and anniem without the support of the forum i swear i,d of caved by now..... But as ebtgirl said theres no going back only forward......

And to Ebtgirl we,ll all be here with you when your ready...... Every step of the way..I,ll keep my eye out for you....

Mandy xx


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