Ebt girl is leaving !!

But only for a while. I have too much to get my head around at the moment and my state of mind is not right. I dont want to keep starting at square one all over again. Next time you see me on here (and it will be in the month of APRIL) will be the time I quit for good !!!

BIG UP TO ALL THE APRIL SHOWER , MMQ and everyone else, who is fighting this battle ......

Will see you all soon




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  • Hi there

    We'll look forward to seeing you back here when you are ready.

    In the meantime maybe have a look at the quit smoking online programme or freedom from smoking (FFSonline) program in my sig. You start them while still smoking.

    All the best


  • We will be here when your ready Babes.xxxxxxxxxx

  • Hi EBTGirl,

    Will look forward to seeing you again when you're ready for it. All best wishes, stay strong.


  • Sorry to see you go you are so full of life. Look forward to your return.


  • Hello

    take care EBT and im looking forward to seeing you again soon


  • Take care my little quit buddy. Sorry to hear that you have to leave but I'll be watching out for you in the near future. The way I'm going I'll probobly still be in the first week section. I totally understand what you mean about your head not being in the right place 'cos that's how I'm feeling. I'll soldier on for a while if I can and hopefully see you soon.

    Don't be long


  • See you soon EBTgirl, we CAN DO THIS ;)

  • Hi EBTGirl

    Don`t stay away too long we will be waiting for you.


  • finding urself is worth lookn 4

    good luck EBT- i hope u find ur path dude and it leads u to wonderful places:)

  • see you soon EBT

    :)when you are ready...:)

    keep smiling and keep your wonderful spirit

    until we meet again

  • COME BACK SOON EBT.............we will all be waiting with a hug and a welcome back. Love J. x x x:)

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