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Ebt girl knows she has been a wuss !!!


I know you are all right, I have been looking for excuses to smoke and yeah life in general will give me plenty.

However i dont want to be a WUSS any more, and guys this is my last shot... this time im determined. I know im not giving anything up only gaining and i have read loads about nicotine addiction.... the support is great but its up to me at the end of the day to beat this thing... watch out... Im on the war path you B*****D demons !!!



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Thats it you tell them demons! Oi demons Nooooooooooooo!

live up to your name and be strong like the EBT.....And give them demons hell!


Hi EBT Girl

I really hope you mean it this time

As you say you don't want to be a WUSS anymore

We'll all help and support you as much as we can, but at the end of the day

it's down to you and how much willpower you have


Marg xxxxxxxx

NicFirth10 Years Smoke Free

Knowledge is the key. This is an addiction, just like alcoholism or drugs.

The difference is that the physical withdrawal from nicotine is quite mild in comparison, while the psychological withdrawal is for many people (and I think you are one) quite harsh.

That is why so many people say its a mind game or its all in your head or you need to really want to quit.

It is true that if you don't actually want to quit it is virtually impossible, but you can reinforce your desire to quit by learning to despise smoking. I found using affirmations helped, literally telling myself out loud that I didn't want to smoke and/or that smoking is disgusting, evil, stinking, etc worked. OK you might want to take yourself off somewhere private before you start talking to yourself :confused: but I know that others have used this technique to good effect as well.

Many years ago, when I was at school a "Motivational Speaker" came to talk to us, the only thing I remember from the experience is a phrase, "If its to be its down to me" in other words if we want something to happen we have to get on and do it, we can and will support you but the only person that can stop you smoking is YOU.

You are not a wuss, you just haven't got things sorted in your mind previously. This time can and will be different, this time you must take control over your own life, this time you must not falter. Read about, and understand nicotine addiction, sort out what to do when you get cravings, establish what triggers your cravings and never, never give in!

Best wishes, and I expect to see you in the penthouse 30th April 2010.


Good luck EBT, hopefully this time will be your last time :D

Good luck hun make this quit forever xxx.


You remind me of me. For many years I have been saying that I am going to quit smoking.(I can hear my OH saying Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!)

Every time I would be determined the night before the quit and then the following morning I would last a couple of hours, climbing the walls, kicking the cats, shouting at whoever came close and then I would find an excuse to smoke, either that or I would become a secret smoker. This would entail trying to find somewhere private to smoke, never thinking for a minute that I would get caught or that I smelled so bad that people could smell me a mile off:o

This time I did my homework.

Went to the NHS Smoking clinic, got prescribed Champix because I knew that I would need help, got myself a quit buddy at work and found this forum and read loads. I have been quit for nearly 8 months and will never go back.:D

If you are determined, and by gods you have to be, then you CAN do this.

Good Luck


EBT,trust in your self,try this,,befour you go to sleep at night,say to you self,,,i went to sleep a non smoker,and i want to wake up a non smoker,,it worked for a mate off mine so give it a go ,, you never now,,if it helps you to stop smoking,go for it ,and one more thing you just keep the faith tony and keep :D:D:D

Only you will know when you are ready and when you are you WILL do it ... Wishing you the very best when the time comes ;)

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