No Smoking Day
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im with you all

Hi everyone,

hope we are still going strong with our Quit, not heard from some of our

team-d-day for a few days, hope everything is ok, im still going well. dont

worry any more about the smoking, still taking one day as it come. been

geting some craving. not a lot but few. dont last that long.:)

really please with my self that i come this far.[ [COLOR="Purple"]im not giving

in now just to go back to day one] i hope everyone who is Quiting keep

going. we can beat this if we stay strong,;)

let me know how you are doing. look forward to hearing from you,

all the best.


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Hi Alan

Still here! After the weekend, this week has been a real turning point for me. Haven't had many craves but when I do I just ride them out!!!!

Have been busy this week with work , kids still of school etc so I think that helps too.

Still chewing the gum but only having about 4-6 pieces and still drinking the red wine!!!

Glad to see you are still up and running on 4 cylinders.

Speak soon


thanks della.

really good your doing so well, we can and will beat this, fell so nice being a

non-smoker. we got so much help on here. its really is helping me a lot,

take care, talk soon



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