No Smoking Day

Hello again

Just thought I'd drop back in. I'm hoping some of the old skool remember me - It seems many have moved on and such.

Nothing to report on the smoking front really, been about 9 months since I quit cold turkey. Can't believe I ever did smoke. Still find myself trying to take a puff on a biro now and again, then realising what I'm doing and laughing at myself.

Having beaten nicotine I'm now trying to stop biting my nails with limited success hehe. Oh well, of all my bad habits I think I kicked the worst, nobody's perfect, right?

I hope everyone is well :D

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Hi Mannion

I remember you caved my last quit after 6 months but back to try again. About 104 days in again now hope to do it this time. nice of you to drop by and well done. linda xxxxxxxxxxxx


Hi mannion, good to see your doing okay still. Thats always good news for us fellow quitters.

I'll be joining the 9 months club in a week or so too, looking forward to it.


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