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Patches and Flu - a lethal combo!

Hello all,

I've been dead to world since Sunday night when I came down with proper flu. Fever, headaches - the lot. I woke up in the wee small hours of Sunday night with the most bizarre dreams ever and a temperature of 104!! My advice would be if your feeling ill take the patch off unless you want to have the sort of dreams you think are only possible in horror films. Also, I havn't worn a patch since but then I've felt so rubbish the idea of smoking has gone well and truly out of the window. I'll put it on tomorrow when hopefully I'll be feeling better.

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Sorry your not well tam. But now you dont smoke, just watch your rate of recovery. No lingering cough for weeks, possible chest infection etc. You will be brand new in no time at all. Hope that happens soon for you. good luck xxx :)


Yeah good luck with a speedy recovery. Flu is just the pits isn't it? Get well soon and well done for not smoking :)


Definately not manflu. Temperature of 103 for three days, this was the real deal. Still haven't put patch back on and now I have a sore throat so the idea of smoking is still a definate turn off. Mind you, haven't had a "tom tit" for four days now and the idea did cross my mind that a couple of puffs on the OH's ciggie might sort that out. This idea was quickly shot down with the introduction of a prune juice by the OH.

Quite likely I won't put patches on again but would be interested to hear other opinions on this as I don't want to scupper my chances. I'm off the chemist later so I'll get some advice there and relay it back.


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