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A list of Reasons

Hi ,

Thought it might be good if all listed our reasons for quitting , could help to read them all when feeling weak , perhaps some of you have reasons that never even occured to us.

my reasons ,

Health - i have 4 children youngest is 3 im 32 and cant stand the thought of everyone getting to watch my kids grow up except me!

Money - imagine all the nice treats i can get and take the kids out more!

Fatigue - i am always tired , i hope that goes with quitting.

headaches - always have them during my last quit they disappeared didnt realise that til now!!!!!!!!!


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What so no one has any different reasons you do :rolleyes:;)


Hi Casey, There's a whole section devoted to "Reasons for quitting" a bit further down the main page :) That's probably why no-one has posted a response to this.

Anyway, congratulations on your quit, keep it up.

I have been quit for 2 Months, 4 Weeks, 2 Days and 24 minutes (90 days). I have saved £478.12 by not smoking 1,800 cigarettes. I have saved 6 Days and 6 hours of my life. My Quit Date: 04/01/2008 11:45



If I could concentrate long enough to think about my reasons I would be right in here.

It stinks, there you go thats one.

Tomorrow let me be back to normal - where's my brain?!!! Sat somewhere smoking a big reefer on a sunny beach


yeah........jamaica here we come!!!!!!!!!!!


Hmmmm, money, health and mostly - for my little boy! At the moment I want to smoke, I want to smoke, I want to smoke. I haven't smoked but on the cusp of getting off my arse and going to the garage to but 10 Marlboro Menthols :mad:


Don't do it Tash - I came very close last night, but am soooooo grateful this morning that I didn't smoke :)

Repeat after me: -

"Better being a quitter wanting to smoke, than a smoking wanting to quit :D"


During all my previous quits everytime i have failed i always only bought a packet of 10 ------i guess cos i was thinking of the just one.....telling myself ill just have one as i have forgotten what they taste like lol ....funny thing is everytime i had that just one(which as we know never was just one) i still did not conciouslly smoke it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tasha i know how you feel and im there with you feeling exactly the same!!!!!!! ARGGGGH my head is so whoozy i cant even spell at the mo... dont buy any cigs your a non smoker!


Well, I managed to walk straight past the garage twice without being tempted in by the long white sticks! Got myself a Twix from the supermarket instead, yummy :oP Really pleased with myself. I heard in the news the other day that the government were thinking of banning cigarette displays in shops. This would help me I think, already feel grubby buying ciggies, let alone if they are hidden behind the counters. Everytime I go to the local supermarkets I have to walk straight past cigarette counters and this really does my head in. Ok whinge over for me, and breathe! x


reasons for quitting..

I'm the only person I know who smokes & have been for years..

fed up being told where when I can can't smoke..


health..smoked all my life, want to see my grandkids:eek:

(terrifying thought, my kids having kids-world's not ready!!)

Site of myself in the mirror - lol - those wrinkles are not a

good look..

My teeth:(.. see more of my dentist than my partner:cool:



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