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5 days free and concerned

hello there, thought id join this forum as i really need 2 give up smoking for health reasons, im currently going through benzodiazepine withdrawal and have been for the past 15 months and it has been nothing short of hell, i have smoked for the pat 14 years and prob averaged over 20 a day, i stopped completly 5 days ago and it is helped by the fact that i feel nauseous from the withdrawal, i had to give up because my nerves are in a bad way, anyway im 5 days free now and i am staying over my mums house and she is smoking downstairs, i am worried that the passive smoke will set me back to the begining as it is like smoking and am worried that it will make the cravings worse, i am here for 2 days so i am going to try and hold on tight, has anyone got any advice, they say as soon as you smoke again you are back to square 1, so im wondering if i will be if i breath in passive smoke:confused:

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can u ask your mum to smoke outside when you are there. My husband does that for me. I am on day 8 and it is hard. I am using patches and have a fake cig (Crafeaway) in mouth which i find helps. I would be more worried that smelling the smoke would tempt me too much. Hang on in there you are not on your own..


hi mojo, yeh sure , it is diazepam , also goes by lots of other names like xanax and klonopin, that was the hardest thing 2 quit in my life, had 3 seizures coming off the stuff, congrats on ur 19th day free , that is awsum, did u give up cold turkey , i was wondering wat the patches were like, but then im thinking im 6 days 2day so i might just tough the rest out:)


Good luck with your quit and keep up the good work.:)

My husband smokes in the kitchen, and I know I smell it the worst if I go to bed before him. The smell just wafts up those stairs, doesn't it? It doesn't make me want to smoke, though, it makes me want to fling all the windows open and get out the airfreshener! :eek:

He does go outside in the better weather, but meanwhile he smokes in the kitchen and I've asked him to make sure the kitchen door is shut, the window open a crack, and the extracter fan switched on.


want2befree, i am on diazepam (80-100mg a day) for a medical condition, i was told that diazepam was addictive when i was put on it, the fact that i was told i would need to take it for the rest of my days meant coming off it would never happen, that must be such hard work coming off diazepam and the fags at the same time stick with it anything else will be easy after all that


hi idont , yeh it was horific, i came off it twice cold turkey and ended up in a mental ward, then cost my parents 30 grand in rehab bills to come off it for the 3rd time cause i was taking way 2 much, 500 mil some weekends, wat i didnt no is ur ment to com,e off it slowly, so coming off in the way i did i completly lost my mind and caused alot of damage and am still paying for it 15 months later, is there any way you could do a really slow reduction, it can be done:)


sorry idont 4got to mention , these doctors are idiots, theres no way that you have to take this forever, they are talking rubbish and it angers me cause they are so clueless yet hold so much power at the same time:mad:


Want 2 be free I'm quitting by cold turkey. I smoked for 20+ years, 20 a day and I'm on day 20 today. (ha ha - all the 20's!!).

I haven't got a double whammy to deal with like you have but I'd say cold turkey is do-able and if you can stick with it (as you have got to day 6 already you are past the really hard bit) I'd say carry on! call it the "Big Cleanse" and get rid of it all from your system in one hit. It may be harder but it allows for you to start healing sooner! There are days when it's really hard and you may want to think about something as a back up for those days or a strategy to use, but on the whole it's very satisfying knowing you "just stopped"!

As for the docs... no comment.. just makes me wonder how much commission they receive from handing out drugs etc etc as freely and easily as they do. Grrrrrrrrrrrrr like you, it makes me mad! :D

Keep on going with your quit - you are doing brilliantly - especailly as you have had more than one thing to deal with! Come on here for support whenever you need it, there's usually someone about to talk to!


want2bfree, i have got a medical condition and the diazepam is just part of the treatment along with plasma exchanges etc, it is a progressive disease so unfortunately the diazepam is here to stay but dont intend to go above 60-80 mg a day although i can take upto 120 mg a day, i dont know what it would be like to stop i just know i cant walk without them, i reckon though by the sounds of it you have grabbed the bull by the bollocks (can i say that?) and your doing really well


Hello every one

Hi i am glad to have registered :D

i have been off the ciggies for 5 days and i am affraid that i will crave but i havent had any massive cravings.. So i would ask you guys when do you actually crave for it i tried many times and craved the 1 few days... i tried patches i hated it i tried the chewing gums even worste.. so trying cold turkey.. i cos i don't want any niccotine in my system at all... like i said it is weird cos i don't have cravings :confused:... Is there anyone like me or what?

Thank you


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