No Smoking Day

Feeling ALIVE!!

Er, this might sound really silly, and I was just wondering if anyone else has thought / felt similar in the early stages of stopping.. ??

I was driving to work this morning on Day 18 and I found myself feeling "different". It's quite hard to explain, but it's like I've changed as a person since I stopped smoking. Not who I am, but how I am.. like for example, I feel much more relaxed, I feel much more level-headed and just generally like I am being a "new me" and it feels bloody great!! :D

I am of course slightly concerned that I may be going mad and that actually I am no different at all, it's just me focusing on this quit thing too much, but if it's not and this is the start of how it's gonna feel as a non-smoker, then I friggin wish I'd done it YEARS ago!!

I LOVE life now and I RESPECT it! Something I think I never really looked at or noticed as a smoker.. ?? Hell, I can't have done.. if I had respected my LIFE I wouldn't have smoked for so long!!

Anyone that's in the realms of weeks 1 to 2.5, PLEASE keep going.. there's some really nice stuff round the corner.. stuff you might be surprised at and stuff that really does make you feel happy and ALIVE!!! :D

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Hi Sara - Yes I felt exactly the same as you in my week 2. Im in week 4 now and was only saying to my mum last night that I really do not want to smoke any more as I feel good in myself and also I dont want to smell like an old ash tray again which is what other smokers around me smell like. I still get some cravings but once they pass I feel better about myself.:D:D


He he.. It's nice to get to the stage where you REALLY FEEL like you don't want to smoke isn't it!

I honestly never thought that would happen! I thought it was always going to a battle in my head of "no, you can't have one".. phew.. what a relief!! :D

Well done on 4 weeks.. that's brilliant!! :D


Such a relief to read posts like this. Thanks :D


Thanks Mojo-jojo you too...!

I think it's been in fits and starts from day 1 until now.. my quit has kinda gone like this..

Day 1-3 - sheer "swtich off" in my head - mantra.. "do not smoke, do not smoke!"

Day 4-8 - Relatively easy - up & down mood wise but nothing too hard to deal with - was very shocked!

Day 9 & 10 - OMG!!! What's happened?!! So it's not as easy as I thought then.. Damn! Can't stop crying.. where's that come from? - Freaked me out and really got me down

Day 11 & 12 - Weird.. like a calm, numb, don't really care what's going on around me, not sure how I feel about anything.. ZERO concentration and just plain "vacant" really...

Day 13 - Woah... through the floor again - OH NO!! NOT AGAIN!! I thought that had passed!!

Day 14-18 - Feelin absolutely FANTASTIC!! Best in years!... :D

That's my very quick overall sort of experience so far.. very up & down!!

Maybe everyone goes through the same things but on different days, it seems to me from reading experiences on here that most people experience pretty much the same at some point in the first 4 weeks though! Hang in there.. you're "ALIVE" feeling might be just round the corner!! One thing's for sure.. it WILL come!! :D


How inspiring your post is to us "newbies" - I can't wait - "Beam me up Scottie!" :D

Well done! :)


3 weeks and 2 days for me and Im feeling simular to yourself - And also today was the first day that I havent even thought about smoking untill I was chatting to a friend at work in the smoking area, He offered me a cig and I said - No thanks mate, I dont smoke anymore.

It was a good feeling, and I was not even tempted at all. I get more confident by the day. Bring on the next week!

Well done everyone! :D


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