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Day 18


Well, with a turn of events that nobody wanted over the last 24 hours, I propose that we leave to another thread.

Can we have all day 18 428's on parade please....hows the quit going?

Im feeling a bit better today, but noticably tired and finding my sleep is being disturbed waking during the night, still thats not going to make me quit being a quitter!


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Reporting for Day 18 duty - Sir!! **salutes!**

He he.. glad you're feeling better!!

I'm still ok, more importantly.. STILL QUIT! BOSH!!! Have that nicotine!

Have a fantastic day team, stay positive!! :D

*Inspects Lady Sa*

Good to have you on board Private Sa, now straighten that uniform and look sharp. We have a battle to win and the enemy is in retreat!

Sgnt Gatherer

Way 'ta go Mojo-jojo! :D

Glad you're out the other side of that, it's a really werid thing to go through isn't it? It seems to be that most people do - nicotine has some really strong mental affects doesn't it - I'm shocked by it, are you?

Flippy please don't leave us!!! It's all just silly "type speak"!

If you wanna bust one outta here, then I understand but you'll still be in my signature "in sprit" even if you're not here in "virtual person".. just you be happy lady, and stay quit whatever you do!!! x

Er.. team... where's Sara today?!!

**Hollars**............. SARA!!! Are you ok sweet?? :D

Sorry peeps i am still here and still smoke free. Im trying to understand what happened that i missed last night :confused:

I miss flippy :( and boudee and everyone else that has stuck with me since new year :(

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