day 7

Ok the one week marker :) and to be honest being on the champix i have found it quite plain sailing, not like on the patches it was a battle of wills all the time.. (my wills! it !! was like i had two people inside me pulling like a tug of war).

I have found that i have had to fill up my day so i have painted the house or in the midst of it..i go to the gym each day and im on a diet i have found for me concentrating on my weight an fitness i dont think about the ciggys.

Its amazing how much of my day i have free now i dont smoke.. i also went to the smoking weekly clinic yesterday and my carbon monoxide reading was down to 1 (non smoker reading) so was well chuffed wiv that.. ok well best i stop now or this will become an essay..

GOOD LUCK everyone


4 Replies

  • You are a star KT, keep it up, I'm so pleased to hear you have made it to the 7th day. The only way is up now!!

    Stay strong


  • thank you xx

  • well done on 1 week :D

    the champix really helps

    jude x

  • well done honey!!!!! you are doing so well!!! things can only get better from here! remember to keep posting for support. believe me, it helps no end! :D

    x x x

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