No Smoking Day

Ooooer here we go again


Well it's a week and there we are.

Mark you, I've been here before many times. I can do about ten days easy and last time I did a lot more. I work in the desert and to get a fag i have to pick up a dog-end (which I'm shamed to say I used to do after about day 10).

Then I got serious and joined a group, only to find them going off the screen after 4 weeks...which is why this is a really lovely place to be!!!

I go three weeks abroad and three weeks home, and then the trouble starts...My son smokes, and(ashamed again) his forehead seems to have ' need it' stamped on it.

It's an awful way to treat your child. Put that way it sounds even worse. So I really have to go 100% this time. What worries me is the bit after stopping the puffers..I saw something about 'ZERO nicotine' patches...What do y'all think about them? I know herbal cigarettes are HORRID. And don't even get close to working for me. Mark you, I went through Hypnosis, acupuncture, Zyban, patches and lozenges before settling on the group and the puffers. And to be fair it was the lady in charge of the group who put me onto you lot...So hooray!

One week today!


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Your doing a great job and have the first week sorted. Stay positive bill and keep coming here an posting it helps to talk about it. xx


OK, thanks Flippy...I see you've had a few stumbles yourself!

I haven't posted my history because it would be a many year chronicle of feeble and not so feeble efforts to stop.

I did manage four months once (twenty years ago!) after reading Alan Carr's didn't work at all the second time, sadly.

Keep on yourself..and the best of luck...It ain't easy!

B x


I know its hard but i do find reading other people experiences and how they have quit helps me loads. We can both do this i am sure.

By the way i am only up the road from you:)


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