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No Smoking Day
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Going through a bad patch

Damn it, it'll be 8 months smoke free at midnight tomorrow yet that 'astard habit came back a week ago to bite my ass.......and it won't let go :(

FFS!!!, i don't need one, i don't want one but the dreams, the damn dreams of having a 'pleasurable?' ciggie haunt me during my sleep, that heartfelt missing a 'friend?' after a meal or drink and that sinking feeling when i know i can't have a ciggie just won't 'cuk off and annoy someone else! :eek:

Sorry, just needed to 'vent' off to others who fully understand the mental anguish..........please God, may it pass soon :mad:

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So sad to see you're struggling CamperPete... you've done the right thing on coming on here and venting! That's all you really need to do, vent and occupy yourself with something else.

From your post I can see that you KNOW that you don't actually want one and that having one wouldn't give you any sort of pleasure at all - that's probably why your cravings are so frustrating! I got like that around month 7 as well, have no clue why. It's something silly about being inbetween 6 months and a year but please don't be give in or else you'll really regret it!

I had 2 cigs at my 7 months and regret them sooo much as when I hit the penthouse I won't really officially be 12 months smoke free. Don't make the same mistake as me - it really nags at you!


Thanks Sofia, it helps knowing you guys are out there to support me in my WEEK of need ;)


hello pete!! so sorry to hear that you care having a rough time with this! we are almost at 8 months!! we are great strong capable people!!


think of how upset you will be if you gave in!! i always think think think before i decide i can have just one---i know i cant cuz im an addict!!

you can make it though and we are all here cheering you on so i will see ya in the penthouse my quit buddy!! 4 more months and we will have made a year!

you already got through the worst part so hang in there!!:) also there is no worse feeling than your doctor telling you that you have lung cancer...so think of it that way!! it works for me!


Awwww, thanks Chrissy........i know i'll get through it however hard it is but i also know i would never have got this far if it wasn't for the help and support of you guys on here.

When the time comes i think we should all hold hands and go skipping into the Penthouse together :D


sounds good pete!!:D this forum has been my savior as well!!


Pete, you have done sooooo well... don't let the dreams bother you, its odd that you are having them... I had one last night where my daughter came in the house smoking, I was angry because she had hassled me so much to give up... the strange thing is that she is horrified at the though of smoking.

I run into the odd bump in the road with my quit from time to time, but I feel more fear at the thought of smoking now... I am sure your dreams are anxiety dreams, they will pass. just think, in about 8 weeks we will be well and truely in the countdown to our quit anniversary. :D


Hi Pete

I too am sorry that your having a bit of a rough time at the mo. Keep in mind that its only that Nasty Mr Nic trying to get you to feed him but let him starve as he is not worth the effort. Anyhow look how far you have come and i know that you would not want to go back so keep on your guard and tell that Mr Nic to sod off as he is not welcome and has nothing to offer except misery which no one needs.

Good luck my friend 8 months is pretty amazing :) See you in the Penthouse soon ;)


it will pass, so don't do it! as the rest say 8 months is amazing, and all those 8 amazing months have given you such amazing benefits, just think what benefits are in store for you still! and the penthouse in just 16 weeks, soooo cool!! old nic just talks such carp, there's no waay he's a friend worth missing, an there's nothing he got for you but coughing and sickness....

now, think of a cigarette and say 'i hate you i hate you i hate you' ten times :)



just wade through it like we did in the early days we have come to to far to go back

at least u dreamt of smoking i had a dream i used my inhalator the other night how sad is that lol i was way annoyed wen i woke up that i had used it in my dream

i have had the odd few days here and there that i feel like i miss it but it will pass

kick mr nic up the butt and tell him where to go

all us new year quitters are so close to the penthouse [who could have imagined that eh] we need to hold hands and skip in together and we want u with us camperpete [ u dont have to skip if u dont want to lol]


I'm having the same feelings, work is tough right now and the thought of a cigarette keeps entering my head and will not leave.

Just hang on, just think how f$%£&d off you will be if you have one !!


at least u dreamt of smoking i had a dream i used my inhalator the other night how sad is that lol i was way annoyed wen i woke up that i had used it in my dream

Wow!!!.... yep, i definitely ain't that sad ;) :D

Thanks all for your support, it's always appreciated.


hey camperpete

was thinking about u today whilst out on an extreme walk, not in a stalker way just about u struggling at the mo

wat was your coping mechanism near the beginning of your quit

mine was walking in those early early days i would walk walk walk walk and walk some more to stave off the cravings

and i think i replaced smoking with walking as i did it so much and when i came across a situation or an emotion that would require a cigarette i went out and walked for ages till my feelings subsided

and recently my teenage son wound me up to the edge of insanity and u know i didnt even think about having a cigarette i packed the kids in the buggy in record time and stomped off out the house and walked till i calmed down it wasnt till i got home about an hour later and thought about it i realised i didnt put cigarette thought first i had walked instead

i dont know if u had anything that distracted u early on you could try again and see if it helps

if not untroduce a new passtime, hobby that can replace these thoughts and get u through


Hi Boo,

Walking?, unfortunately that reminded me of smoking as i always had a couple of ciggies when i took the dog out........and if i go walking he always comes with me. I've now got a lot more used to not having a ciggie when out with him (i tend to take a couple of sweets to chomp on).

I did buy an harmonica to learn to play and that helped for the first few weeks (haven't used it for months now).

I think i mostly coped in the early days by throwing my dummy out of the pram everytime the craves got too much, i used to stomp around f'ing and jeffing and then sulk when the wife had no sympathy for me (she's never smoked so has never understood my weakness :rolleyes:).

Eventually i discovered Maynards Midget Gems, Tesco's Dairy Toffee and Sainsbury's Chocolate Eclairs........... and so did my tummy when the extra pounds went on :eek:

Yes, more walking would have helped to stave off the weight but unfortunately i had a couple of knee problems (had operations in June and July) so couldn't do a lot from April until just recently :(.

That said when i get bouts of craves like recently i'll get up and walk around the house, go and play with the dog for 5 mins in the garden, make a brew, chomp on a couple of sweets, in fact anything until the crave subsides........until the next one ;)


i think u should break out the harmonica and get practicing a good tune for the penthouse. The mega event on new years day well infact 23.55 on new years eve cause u will be rolling up abit earlier than some of us is gonna need a good tune


i think u should break out the harmonica and get practicing a good tune for the penthouse. The mega event on new years day well infact 23.55 on new years eve cause u will be rolling up abit earlier than some of us is gonna need a good tune

A tune?, yeah, how about...... "On top of Old Smokey" :D


yeah lmao ...


Hi Pete

Dont give in, stay strong and re read everything from the beginning, just what I'm doing now. I was a bit late though, gave in and smoked 2 first. It really wasnt worth it, it was horrid, hurt my throat, felt sick, and couldnt walk because I was so light headed - when I was smoking the second one I told myself if I had a third I would have to go back to 35 a day straight away - the thought was horrific. So I'm calling it a blip but would not recommend one, feel like I really let myself down. Remember the wheezing, the phelgm cough, the puffing, stained teeth and appalling breath, not to imagine the cost - how the hell did we afford it?

However onward and upwards - I want you holding the lift door open for me when I get to the Penthouse - cant wait

Take care



not to imagine the cost - how the hell did we afford it?

haha agreed infront of me earlier at the shop someone bought 40 fags it was £11.26 OMG i couldnt believe it that would have been two days worth for me £11.26 daylight robbery

as a smoker i would have conveniently not have acknoledged the amount and justified it as i deserved it cause i dont have much and its my only vice etc etc excuses excuses in other words


I feel for you. I hit a very rough patch a month or so ago. It sucks, after all this time. But giving into it would be so, so awful after all this time, you have to stay strong.

At this stage in the game when it comes to a fight between your wheedling inner junkie ('but you miiisss meeee') and your good sense ('no I don't, I hate you and you were killing me') it's still a battle - but you have the experience now to know that you can win, and it will pass, and that everything in life is better without those rancid cancer sticks.

Hang in there. You'll get through it!

H xxx


Thanks all, you're all stars in your own right :)

The 'smokey' fog around my brain seems to be lifting.

The suns shining and i'm now on day one of month 9 (along with many of my fellow New Year quitters) so that makes me feel better :D

Rockin' on to the Penthouse ;)


haha mr nicotine u didnt get our camperpete he fought u off and is stronger than u will ever be bhwarhahaha[eveil laugh]


Hey Pete,

Well done on your 8 months!!! I know it can come back and bite you in the bum, but keep remembering all the benefits... Not to mention the huge effort you have put in to get this far!

I'm sure you'll be over it soon enough...



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