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Didn't put a patch on today


Day four for me. Had been using 24hr patches (but taking them off at night as they made me have strange dreams). However, this morning was mooching around the house, and by the time I got dressed I forgot to put a patch on. And I have coped ok, infact as well as with a patch, but without that spaced out feeling I was getting. Not sure what to do now. Think its best I always have one with me, or maybe try the gum or sweets if the urge ever takes me. Anyone got any suggestions? I would prefer not to do the patches if I am honest, but also want to stop for good!

I actually went for a run today - first time since giving up. Very nice!



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Best thing I can suggest is to always have a patch on you. If you want to change to something else like the gum or inhalator (sp) then get some of that but until you do make sure you keep a patch.

Just to say, the dreams are part of quitting, people who have gone cold turkey (me) have also had some weird dreams.

You did well today going without the patch, but it may come along and hit you tomorrow so just be aware that it might.

Good luck.

Sian xx

Oh, p.s - well done on the running. I have been going to the gym but for the last week have been wiped out with the flu so very jealous of your running today


Hi Sian

Thanks for the reply. The patches were making me feel spaced out to be honest, it was weird. Within an hour of taking one off I felt normal again, and at night I stopped having the dreams. I will keep one in my bag all the time I think, until I can get some gum or something.

I do already do a bit of running, so it was interesting to go out after not having smoked for a few days. I know it must sound stupid, but I felt like I could really smell that countryside aroma! It was lovely!!

I hope you feel better soon.




I know it must sound stupid, but I felt like I could really smell that countryside aroma! It was lovely!!

That doesn't sound stupid, it sounds pretty perfect to me. My sense of smell has got really good now (well not right now cause of my lurgy lol) I love the fact it has got so good. Only bad thing about stopping smoking is I now don't like aromatic crispy duck, which I loved before, but now I don't like it :mad:

Oh well will gladly give it up for not smoking :D


Hey Wobbles, no that doesn't sound stupid at all! I totally know what you mean. I went for a 9 mile walk the other weekend and felt like I was walking on air, like it was the easiest thing ever climbing hills without even pausing for breath. I was on 16 hr patches for about the first 12 days of my quit, then I thought (like you), I don't want to be on this NRT and wondered what it would be like without. I took them off and went CT. The next couple of days seemed OK and I didn't need any gum. Now I have one or two gums a day to just get me over the biggest cravings. I know different things work for different people, and frankly, whatever works for you is just great, but I've found it no different without the patches. I still want a fag and stressful situations make it worse, but I'm still hanging on in there ...



Hey wobbles that is great and it dont sound stupid but keep a patch with you. It is also day 4 for me too. I use the invisi patches. I also find that I taste food better and smell food better and this makes me more hungry:p


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