No Smoking Day

feel crap!

hello every one

hope you all are ok ,

ive had a bloody shitty day!

got up craving

fell over the dog had a crave

knocked my tea over had a crave in fact every 5 mins had a bloody crave

still smoke free thank god , but ive struggled loads today :mad:

Six days, 6 hours, 43 minutes and 10 seconds. 251 cigarettes not smoked, saving £54.38. Life saved: 20 hours, 55 minutes.

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aww hun, but you have got through it with flying colours :)

have yourself a nice long hot bath to relax

tomorrow will be better

well done !!!

jude xxx


Hang on in there. My first week was hard too, Crave, Crave ,Crave....

It will get easier I promise.

I dont know about anyone else, but Extra Strong Mints seem to help me whilst having a "crave", Im now on 2 packets a day :D

Is there any forums about for people addicted to mints?


thank you jude and billy for your replies

to be fair ive been great up till today so it was time for a wobbly day !

and i would of still had a stressfull day if i was still fagging it i supose



You squashed the 3-5 days theory!!

You had yours on day 6!! do you always do everything 'your way'? :D

So sorry you had a bad day x x

You have got through it x x

And now you face the rest of the quit with that knowledge, that you can beat it!!

Tomorrow is a new day x x

Stay strong x x Buffy x x


The thing is - Were all struggling, I've been and had a good day out today and at times really missed having a giggie hanging out my mouth, but no matter what I do, Work or Play - I still feel the need to smoke, Its just that it becomes a bit easier as each day passes to ignore those 'Junkie Thoughts'

Like I said, Hang on in there, were all proud of you as we are for ourselfs, Its such a life changing desicion that we've all made, and we have to see it out.

Stay Strong Minime! :)


Hang in there ....

Its not worth having one

Your first week is almost done ;)


thanks to all of you for such kind and encouraging replies

im off to have a really hot bubble bath

might see you all later

thanks again

mandi xx


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