feel crap!

hello every one

hope you all are ok ,

ive had a bloody shitty day!

got up craving

fell over the dog had a crave

knocked my tea over had a crave in fact every 5 mins had a bloody crave

still smoke free thank god , but ive struggled loads today :mad:

Six days, 6 hours, 43 minutes and 10 seconds. 251 cigarettes not smoked, saving £54.38. Life saved: 20 hours, 55 minutes.

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  • aww hun, but you have got through it with flying colours :)

    have yourself a nice long hot bath to relax

    tomorrow will be better

    well done !!!

    jude xxx

  • Hang on in there. My first week was hard too, Crave, Crave ,Crave....

    It will get easier I promise.

    I dont know about anyone else, but Extra Strong Mints seem to help me whilst having a "crave", Im now on 2 packets a day :D

    Is there any forums about for people addicted to mints?

  • thank you jude and billy for your replies

    to be fair ive been great up till today so it was time for a wobbly day !

    and i would of still had a stressfull day if i was still fagging it i supose

  • *Hugs*

    You squashed the 3-5 days theory!!

    You had yours on day 6!! do you always do everything 'your way'? :D

    So sorry you had a bad day x x

    You have got through it x x

    And now you face the rest of the quit with that knowledge, that you can beat it!!

    Tomorrow is a new day x x

    Stay strong x x Buffy x x

  • The thing is - Were all struggling, I've been and had a good day out today and at times really missed having a giggie hanging out my mouth, but no matter what I do, Work or Play - I still feel the need to smoke, Its just that it becomes a bit easier as each day passes to ignore those 'Junkie Thoughts'

    Like I said, Hang on in there, were all proud of you as we are for ourselfs, Its such a life changing desicion that we've all made, and we have to see it out.

    Stay Strong Minime! :)

  • Hang in there ....

    Its not worth having one

    Your first week is almost done ;)

  • thanks to all of you for such kind and encouraging replies

    im off to have a really hot bubble bath

    might see you all later

    thanks again

    mandi xx

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