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finally feel brave enough

to post here, found this site at the very beginning of my quit on new years day.

i thought i would never have got as far as i have,especially as partner is still smoking. but i have and it feel's great :)

im 34 and have smoked 20+ aday since i was 19,and finally after alot of soul serching,decided that the time was right for me. have been doing pretty well and have had no real cravings,or nothing too major i cannot deal with.

hope to start posting more regular from now on

lydilou x x

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Hi Lidilou

Warm welcome to the forums and huge well done on your quit. I quit the same day as you and have found it a bit of a roller coaster but it is thankfully calming down now :)

You have done extremely well considering your partner still smokes.

Its nice to know that although you may not of been posting you have been reading the posts on this site for a while now and would of picked up lots of useful information.

Good luck with the rest of your quit. dont be a stranger :)




Hi Lydilou :)

Welcome to the forum and well done on your quit you are doing really well it cannot be easy with your partner still puffing away amybe he will follow your example sometime

Best of luck



Hi Lydilou!

Welcome and well done for getting this far.

My husband still smokes and I know it will be a long time before he decides to quit so I know it can be tough at times when you see them smoking!

We have always smoked in the kitchen too so my husband still smokes in the house and I can't really banish him to the garden.

I have stopped smoking for me though - not him, so strangely enough it doesn't bother me seeing him smoke. If anything, it puts me off the idea of smoking (most of the time!)

I have started being a bit of a nag now though, saying things like 'I'm so glad I'm no longer controlled by the white sticks' and ' if you didn't smoke we would be able to afford a holiday'.

Not sure I'll make any difference though - keep strong and post often!

Nicki x


Hello and welcome xx

You are doing blooming marvellous to say there is a smoker in the house-now that takes willpower-don't know if i could do it so well done xxxx


Hi lydilou,

First thing welcome to the forum and congratulations on your quit, I know how it is with a smoker in the house my wife still smoke even though she now restricts her smoking to the kitchen, as long as you remember this is for you and you are worth the effort you will suceed.



Welcome to the forum.

Very well done your almost two months quit thats fab work. My Oh quit with me but is back on them it is hard but they may see it can be done and quit. Look forward to getting to know you.xxxxxxx


thanks all for the welcome :)

think thats why i hung around so long,knowing even tho i wasnt posting i could still come here and read that so many people were going thro it with me.

we decided in november time that we were going to stop smoking,partner and i and from then on we smoked outside...thats a good cut down just there,especially with the weather we have been having.

well 1st jan came and i stopped and he didnt,so he still smokes in the garden :rolleyes: he says he will stop and has tried twice,but ended up going back to them. i try not to give him too much of a hard time,but its not that easy especially after i did it...guess its just not his time.

it just felt right this time,dont get me wrong when i get a craving...its a good one,and ive thought many a time il just have one. but then something just kicks in and i dont.

well enough for now...or il never stop :o ;)


Good to see you posting, and welcome to the forum.



Well done you!

My husband still smokes but it doesn't bother me any more. I just feel sorry for him being tied to finding places for a quick smoke!! Even when we went on a cruise at Christmas he had to face the wind and cold of the outside deck just for a rollie:eek:

I don't pander to him any more by having a "base reserve" supply of papers/baccy/lighters etc and I don't queue at the tobacco counter!!

No-one can force anyone else to quit - this decision is your's and for you alone!!



you are doing ok,,my oh stills smokes so i know it can be a bit rought some times be strong and keep the faith tony keep:D:D:D


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