No Smoking Day

First Time for Everything

OMG. Made it to day 2. I was so glad when my mum rang last night to ask me to take her for an appointment, cos I knew I would have no time to dwell on anything. My mum has never smoked so there was no temptation, apart from when we walked out the door and everyone was stood huddled around the ashtrays, But I have to say that wasn't a temptation, more of an aversion (is that the right word)??. They looked so sad. I meen sad as in unhappy. Every car we walked passed someone was sat blowing smoke out the window. Why do there always seem to be more smokers everywhere when we stop. We just have to look at them in a different way though, not to envy cos thats where the seed of doubt starts. But to feel sorry for that they are still in chains.

Already half way through the day, well it is if i go to bed at 7.30 pm.

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:D hehe

Nothing wrong with an early night :D

No more rushing through neccessaries to huddle outside and rush through a toxic stick!!

Rock on Looby x x x

Day 2 is nearly day3 your doing fantastic! :D

~Buffy x x


Its funny cos while i was waiting in x-ray i was feeling really calm, while usually i would be sat fidgiting thinking, bloody hell hurry up and get moving so i can go and have a fag. lol. There was a bloke sat next to me waiting and he kept talking to him self saying for f sake how long does it take, and I was just sat there thinking that would have been me. So am pretty pleased with myself for that:D Need to stay positive.

Will be back on later.


It's true!!

I felt that when I had my bloods done, people tutting and clock watching really annoying :rolleyes:

Used to be me :o

Have a good day and stay positive x x


Not on your nellie. lol. Not going back to that hell hole ever again. Dont know what I was so scared of. I am still here, ok i feel a bit like im not really here, but do you know what, I can cope with that, it is quite funny really cos i keep getting really giddy. Anyone else feel like that, dont know if its cos im so chuffed or cos i got some well needed oxygen to the brain. either way i like it. need to hold on to that for day 3. ooooo ive heard it can be bad.

We can take it xxxxxxx


Well done, you have done something you have never done before

Keep it up, you can do it :)


Arnt we CLEVER!!!!!

Well Done Yoyo and sue (kicking butt).:D

Sorry to be crude but has anybody got wind. lol


yeah thats what i mean, couldn't think of a polite way to say it. lol. a bit whiffy though.


OOOps Sorry, consider me told.

I have been quit for 1 Day, 19 hours and 59 minutes (1 days). I have saved £6.70 by not smoking 27 cigarettes. I have saved 2 hours and 15 minutes of my life. My Quit Date: 06/02/2008 23:55


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