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First time quitter


Hi everyone

First may I say congratulations to all of you who are doing so well, you're an inspiration to me. I've been smoking for 35 years, this is the first time I've tried to quit and I'm proud to say that I've reached day 3 oh but it's been really tough. I find it most difficult first thing in the morning and after meals, so I've had to change my routines at these times which seems to have helped. I've also been going out for more walks and drinking a lot of water and both have helped. I haven't had much trouble sleeping, quite the opposite because as soon as I sit down in the evening I feel like falling asleep which is great because I've never been a good sleeper.

I can already smell and taste better so I'm also trying to hold back from nibbles in place of ciggies. that's also quite difficult for me because I enjoy my food and I can't afford to put on more weight.

I've just had my evening meal and right now I would normally be stood at the back door having a puff, this is probably the worst time for me and I'm so close to giving in. I'm trying really hard and I hope I can come back tomorrow to say that I saw it through.

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It gets better.... the first 3 days are horrible... it eases up slowly but it does get better. Keep it up:D

Welcome Cessaina

Congrats on your quit the first week is the worse so try and be strong things get better Linda xxx

hi Cessania

your doing great.

if you do feel a bit of a bad day come on here and ramble on i do cant psll to good but it dont stop me from typing.

keep us updated on how you are doing

Hey Cessania congrats, I think you're doing just fine especially as you're on day 3 already :eek:! It's known as one of the toughest days together with day 8/9, so if you resist any urge of smoking right now, I can assure you tomorrow you'll feel so happy and proud of yourself, it really is worth it ;)

Welcome on board x x

Keep focusing on those positives x x

Stay strong

~Buffy x x

Hi ya Cessaina!!

Welcome to the forum and congrats on your decision to quit!

I am also a first time quitter and i thought i would never make it this far on my first attempt, but guess what?!! It's possible!!!! You can do this :D

This forum is soooo helpful - and we are all right behind ya!!

Keep your head up and continue with the great work. :D


WOW I made it to day 4 and woke with a smile !!

It nearly got the better of me last night and I even tried to convince myself that it would be OK to cut down rather than stop. Then trick or treaters kept arriving at the door which distracted me. I never thought I'd be pleased to have them ringing my doorbell.

Anyway, feeling more positive today. Thanks everyone for your support.

Cess xxx

Keep it up Cessania.

Cutting down will never work. :eek: You end up wishing your life away to get to the hour or whatever that you allow yourself to smoke.

We tried only smoking once a week when having a drink. Spent the other 6 days gagging for a cig. Had to suffer the 1st week withdrawl symptoms every week:eek:

We have now just made the 4 months, still can't believe it.

You can do this, just take it one day at a time. Before you know it Christmas will be here and you will be at the 2 months stage. Time does fly by.

It really is the best thing that you can give to yourself for Christmas.

Good Luck Cessania :)

Congtaulations on getting to day 4 Cessania. Yes this is a hard thing we are doing but entirely possible with a little patientce and determinatio.

Stay strong sweets.:D

Cool x x x good for the trick or treaters ;) hehe

Congratulations on awaking on day 4 and with a smile too!! :eek:

Snap! day 4 for me also come on we can do this thing will get better. Linda xxx

Oh heck this is tough. Gosh you guys are stronger than me, I can't even offer words of encouragement to anyone because I'm not sure I have what it takes to see this through, though I do have a story to tell.

My hubby was a 60 a day'er and he had no consideration whatsoever for anyone, even our kids. He smoked and if he wanted to smoke everyone else inhaled with him !!. Don't get me wrong, he really is a wonderful, kind, considerate and caring man. But he was a man with an addiction and that changed his personality.

He had his own successful business and I worked with him. We shared an office and were the only smokers in the building, yet none of our faithful non smoking employees ever complained about the smog we were creating.

One 'vine' weekend, I suggested that we should give up smoking in the office for the sake of our employees. It meant that we were outside more than inside for a while but we overcame that and everyone was really grateful. Then I suggested that it would be good if we never smoked within our house or in our cars anymore. That was also a hit with friends and family and we've kept that up for years now.

We sold the business and entered into retirement……

Then hubby decided that he was going to give up smoking altogether. He went to the doc, got a prescription of Zyban and several months later that was that…..he was a non smoker. I certainly wouldn’t have placed any bets on him giving up for one hour, let alone a lifetime, yet he proved me wrong. Most ex smokers I’ve encountered have been ‘ a pain in the butt’ but my hubby has been really considerate and patient with smokers because he knows what they are going through and how difficult it is for them to give up. He’s been excellent with me. In his two and a half years as a non smoker he’s never even asked me to give up, never complained when he’s smelled smoke on me. He even stops the car and says “I think it might be time for your ciggy break” and whenever we go away he’s the first to suggest getting the duty free smokes.

This is my chance to repay him for his kindness and consideration. I have told him that I will get so agitated that he might want a divorce within a week and he just shrugged and said “One hurdle at a time, but I’ll be waiting at the finish line wherever it ends”.

I so have to do this for my man.

Aw thanks for sharing!!

That's so sweet! what a lovely man you are married to x x x x

So nice and you obviously love each other as much as ever,

I have a tear in my eye x x

Well Done to him and Very well done to you!!

What a smashing lady you are x x

~Buffy x x

Well done you! That is such an inspiring post. Thanks for sharing that. I too have a tear in my eye.

Awww what a touching story hun - I so have a tear in my eye now too :o You two are lucky to have each other seeing as you're both lovely and special and caring people - I wish you all the best and keep up the excellent work!

What a great post!:) I'm sure your husband will be there to help you every step of the way!

And if thats not enough, come and see us and we'll give you all the support you need!;)

Well done on your decision to quit and welcome!:D

I have a tear in my eye too

Blimey Cess, that really did make me cry. And Im in work ! I had to blink a tear or two away then, it's so touching. (I don't think anyone else noticed so it's ok !!)

I hope (and I think I'm right in saying) that Sharkbait feels as loved as you do and that I show her the same amount of love and consideration as your man does.

It's so much more worthwhile when you're stopping smoking to spend (and extend) your quality lifestyle together.

Good for you ! We're all here for you. And we're all here for each other.

Stick with it !! :D

Aw max you are a sweety x x x x

But then again, you would say that wouldn't you?! :p hehehehe

I am a Sweety

Aw max you are a sweety x x x x

But then again, you would say that wouldn't you?! :p hehehehe

Why ? Why would I say what ?

I am dead loved up with Sharkbait (Trinity) and we have such a good life that I could just BURST with love at any moment !! I am lucky to have my perfect perfect partner and could never want another ! (not even Kylie again!) But I understand that not many people are that lucky.

We are Buddhists who follow a Mahayana path, so I never miss (or want to miss) an opportunity to tell her how perfect she is or how much I love her.


She's also my carer

And she looks after me a lot (cos I'm on "the border" if you know what I mean)........................if I was any more bonkers, I'd be really bonkers, so I couldn't do it without her.................


It's ok...........

Yeah well I can get away with saying it cos I've got brain damage from an accident about 10 years ago. I get away with murder because of it !

But obviously, I really am on the cusp. That's why I love Sharkbait so much, cos she wipes me mouth when I'm drooling etc (well, almost !)


Yeah well I can get away with saying it cos I've got brain damage from an accident about 10 years ago. I get away with murder because of it !

But obviously, I really am on the cusp. That's why I love Sharkbait so much, cos she wipes me mouth when I'm drooling etc (well, almost !)

See!! lol getting away with murder ;)

I love Buddha's :) I have loads some from my dad when he died and some I have picked up along my way, my fave is the guy sitting down laughing with his robe, he has beads in his hand :)

Does sharkbait almost wipe your mouth when your drooling or are you almost drooling :confused:

It's a bit of both...........

Sometimes she makes me drool - and then wipes it up...............sometimes she drools and I wipe (lick) it up............and sometimes she is in such a tangle (generally on my medication) that she almost wipes it up.........

who knows


You're right though, I do get away with murder................


As for your Buddhas, you haven't picked them, he has chosen you. And the fact that you have some that were once your Dad's is indicative of The Chosen One loving your entire family......................

hehehe rofl I would love to be a fly on the wall in your house!!

Sounds like running sitcom ;)


It's Madness !! Total Madness !!

Yeah, it's a crazy place most of the time.......I used to have to take 17 tablets a day - so quite often we'd save them all up then go halfers on a Friday night (don't try this at home kids) - but obviously, we're both far too responsible to do anything like that these days....................

ha ha ha. It's madness - but we do love it. Life is meant to be absolutely enjoyed at every possible moment - so it does get a bit hectic. And with the kids all being as bonkers as us - it get's crazy when any/all of them are there.

And as for you, Boudee, I hope you weren't being rude !!!!! (you never hear me being rude!!)

No one could ever accuse us of not having an eclectic lifestyle! But we love it!

You'd be a welcome visitor 'Buff............xx


Sorry about that folks,

Ive just popped Max back in his soft room and have given him his medication for the evening (a F**K off Vodka and Coke).

We've got some 'friends' round for the evening, (really doctors disguised as friends), just to make sure that progress is being made and he isn't starting to annoy every one in his virtual world.

Only joking - we are going to get pissed and reminice about the bad 'ol days when we all used to smoke!

(for anyone who remembers me, I will be back soon posting, I'm having do do lots of 'grown up' things at the moment which is taking all my time up in the evenings)

y'all sound like a blast...

ugh I could use that vodka coke right about now

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