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No Smoking Day
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4 weeks and

stopped on the 7th of january for the third time. last march stopped for 12 weeks and i was realy positive, time before 6 months and did ok usual pit falls drink mainly not that i am a heavey drinker in fact you could count my drink intake on 1hand per year .

this time four weeks in and i am having some weird times previously i had the freaky dreams and the sleepless nights not a big problem this time they seem so much worse! well this week any way mainly when i am at home i should add that on all occasions i was completely smoke free till i cracked . on the last two attempts i quit with my wife and both of us are doing well up till now. she is still strong but i feel screewie head feels tingly and i am restless all the time sleep is impossable for long periods and i am eating like a horse.

not sure why i joined this forum but i just feel weak and probably need some one out there to tell me this is normal lol. also i probably need the support of a 3rd party or five don't mean to sound as daft as this reads but you decide simontie

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Hi there and welcome to the forum! What method are you using, if any? Congrats on making it to 4 weeks thats great! Your wife is going strong too so that should give you a boost too. Everyone reacts differently at different times when they quit, but normally the no sleeping thing starts to wear of by now. The eating thing is normal and once you feel that you can start to work on the weight and the eating thing you will feel better ;) I guess it's left up to the method you are using, but really fight through the side effects that are not hurting you physically cause you don't want to cave now. Keep your head up and if you are really concerned pop in to see your doctor and expain what you have been feeling. Until then, keep us posted and keep on your life of no smoking path :D


thank you

thank you for your words of encouragement and advice.Today was ok back on track i think.

i seem to be sitting around of an evening doing nothing but chewing whats left of my finger nails but tonight i will make an effort to do some small things around the house might even walk the dogs

focus can be difficult some days are easy and some hard for both of us



You got it now! Go and keep yourself busy. Grab your wife and the doggies and have a nice walk full of fresh air :D

Keep your head up - you will manage just fine!


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