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Day 6 - amazed


I have made it through the weekend and apart from a few urges, they were easier to overcome. My biggest test was this morning when I tried to get an appointment with my GP to get my follow-up Champix script. I could not get through to them on the phone for 2 hours...and was then told there were no appointments today and that I would have to wait either 48 hours to get a repeat prescription or call again tomorrow to make another appointment. I tried to explain to them that I only got the script letter from the cessation clinic on Saturday and had to take the tablets first thing tomorrow but they just told me they could not do anything. I left the surgery feeling a massive urge and almost crying (so unlike me..) I am still so not used to be angry/upset/mad without the nicotine fix...

In desperation I then went to my local chemist who was lovely and gave me the follow up course as an emergency with no script and was really encouraging and praising my 6th day.

I came to realise how my emotions seem tied in some way to having a cigarette...I still have some work to do on that but am so glad I made it this far :)


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hiya Cat, hows today going?

its 1 week for you !!! :D

jude xx


Yes - 1 week!!!!

I am good - still having nightmares though but I guess they are worth it and hopefully will disappear eventually (so said smoking advisor last week)

Otherwise - I am still experiencing the odd urge but they are more like a thought rather than a desire/need if that makes sense?

Decided to join the gym and I will look into it this week - not only to avert the extra weight (although if I can limit it to some extent - that would be great) but also because I always used the fact of being a smoker not to exercise :(

And you? Sorry to hear about your porch - hope things are not too stressful!


im good , know what you mean about the thought , i have those !

im waiting for the roofer to turn up, he said 9.30!! they are always bloody late!

jude xx

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