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Me again

thought i better check in, i wont be posting every day, as there's nothing much to report! now coming to the end of day 5 and everything going well.

I am going to a party tomorrow night, is drinking safe with Champix? i will be gutted if its not:D

As i said i haven't set a total quit date yet, i am going to see how i feel and stop when i am ready, less self imposed stress i guess. So looking forward to week 2 and being smoke free once and for all.

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Way to go Mark... we are all here for you... sorry cant help with the champix i used patches, but we are just about all drink on here.. Good luck xxx :)


Hi Mark, Champix and alcohol shouldn't be a problem. I drank my way to oblivion and back on several occasions while still taking Champix. Of course that's just my experience so don't take it as gospel! Have fun and good luck with your quit.:D


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