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No Smoking Day
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Me again

Hi Everyone. I dont like being in the day 2 room:mad: I should be in the 2 month room.

Anyway I am here and i just wanted to tell you that I am ok today. Eating like a pig but thats ok.

I have seen the Chemist man and he has got me an appointment with the nurse tomorrow at 9.30:)

Not sure what to say to her really just that the first 7 weeks were good and then i caved in but still want to do this.

Not sure if they will let me have Champix because I am on AD's. I am due to come off them very soon so we will see.

How are you all today anyway.

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Welcome back!!! You can do it this time :D

You can take care of your weight later. Right now just stay focused on not smoking. Hang in there day three is just around the corner and you will be nicotine free!!


Thanks :D


Flippy stay strong hun, you've gotta fight the nic demon img.photobucket.com/albums/... but You Are Going To Make It this time, I'm sure about that because it's obvious that you really want it!

*sends lots of positive thoughts Flippy's way* :D


hey flippy i am eating lkie a pig tooo !!!


I have seen the nurse this morning and she said that i really dont need Champix because I seem so positive with the patches. She told me not to worry about my little blip and stop beating myself up about it.

I told her i didnt want it to be day 3 again. It should be week 10 and she said not to even think about the days and weeks just remain positive that i am doing the right thing.

So i am still here and feeling pretty good.:)


Flippy Did you manage to get to speak to Louise?


Ignore that. I've just read your reply in the other thread!!!!:o


Was the nurse any help Flippy ?


Yep she was great, Told me i am doing really well and too just remain positive.


Are they gonna prescribe you with Champix?


No. She said that I am doing too well on the patches. I did do 8 weeks and it was only when I got stressed over some stuff at home that i reach for a smoke. But as i am now on day 3 again she has told me to carry on with another 2 weeks of the middle strength patches and then go for 2 weeks on the low ones. This will take me to the new year and hopefully I can crack it.

I can do this i just have to remain positive.


We'll help you as much as we can Flips!:)

Just stay with us!;)


Come on flippy you can do it - the stressful times at home are the worst times for me too - and boy have I had some the past couple of weeks, but I've made it through with plenty of swearing and tears and thoughts of I'm not going to let nasty nic win. I'm only 19 days in and its not easy, could have easily smoked this morning, walked past daughter's ciggarettes, little eyes lit up but don't want to undo 19 days of hard work. Just think - 2008 smoke free


im on the first week of the middle strength patches Flippy so lets do this together. i was a bit scared of droping the dose to them but found it fine. i start my second week of them thursday so you wont be far behind. we wont count days or weeks, just look ahead and smoke free Xmas together what what ? xxx


hi flippy

just been reading your posts, dont give in and dont feel bad, put a line through whats happened and look in this one as a new start!!

you can do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chin up!!!

chris (currently munching through a packet of japanses rice crackers at 400mph!)


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