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Day 5

Jeez - I just accidentally deleted a long post...eek. It is now day 5 and I am starting to feel anxious at night..and have to take a sleeping pill to get to sleep. Chantix seems to be working fine except I do feel like taking a nap everyday around 3pm. The nausea seems to be fading and the cravings minimal. It really helps me to post here everyday for awhile - I look forward to stating my place in this quit. YAY!! Here is to day 5!!

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hey hun. firstly well done for getting to day 5!!!!!!!! just remember only a few weeks and you will start to feel better!

As for anxiety, I suffer from that anyway so i'm kind of already used to it! lol! That wil also start to fade as the weeks go on!!!

You are doing brill!!! If we all stick together we can beat that damm nic. he is already losing his power!

mwah ha ha ;) x x


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