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I Made It Past Day 1 - Cold Turkey!

I made it past Day 1. I had a couple of strong anxiety urges happen in the morning and in the evening (after I ate a big meal.) But, I managed to relax and divert my attention. I drank plenty of water.

I woke up yesterday morning with thoughts of my 'diversion' (a computer game I found online) instead of cigarettes. That was different for me.

The computer game was a great diversion. Anybody ever checked out I did get a little anxious with the game, and wanted a cig, but I got over it, by walking around my house...stepping away from the computer.

I noticed I got a little depressed towards night time, but it didn't last long, I went to sleep easily. My appetite is FEROCIOUS. I ate too much yesterday...and after I ate, I would always want that cig for a few seconds, then it would pass. I'm aware that I really need to watch my eating during this time...I'm already overweight, and I don't want it to get too far outta control.

My greatest weapon is that I can't get out to buy any cigs...which makes the anxiety go away faster. When you know that you can't get any, no matter tend to get over it pretty quickly.

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WELL DONE YOU. I admire tremendously, anyone who quits Cold Turkey. I am on Champix, l just know that l would not have the willpower to do it your way. Well done again, and keep strong.:):):) Let us know how you are doing.



Tally Ho!! Cold turkey is very admirable:D

All the best, you'll be cool:cool: I've no doubt



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