Day 2 - phew

:) Hello - well I am on day 2!

Had a few urges yesterday and again this morning and seem to carry this hollow feeling around (somewhat reminiscent of when you have split up with someone and miss them?:confused:) I still have some cigarette junkie thoughts but find it easier to deal with them by following all the advice I found on the threads.

I took the second Champix pill earlier last night and am pleased to say I have escaped the nightmares and waking up last night!

Hope everyone is doing great.


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  • glad to see you got rid of those dreams :)

    your doing great

    jude xx

  • Hey - Well done to you too :) - how is it going?


  • its going good , these pills are the best !!

  • Hey Cat..

    Nice going - the pills are definitely a huge help--I am so glad to see so many positive posts with Chantix/Champix...I was terrified at first. Keep going!!!

  • I'm so glad to be on Day 2, but these anxiety urges are terrible. I'm so on the verge of trying to plan a way the store. Its definitely the junkie thoughts getting to friend is coming over in a couple of hours....lordie be. I'm gonna let her come and go. But, I'm craving so badly right now. So I totally understand the hollow feeling. I miss the drag. It usually passes soon, but right now, this sucker is lingering a little too long. Probably because I know she's coming. She's the one that takes me to the store every now and then. *deep breath*

    It helps me to vent on this forum. And I hope I don't sound like a broken record. It's also making me proud to move from Day 1 to Day 2 on the forum, etc. I just can't wait til I'm 15 days in and report that these cravings are all gone. lol

    Hang in there, cat...we're all in this together. It truly helps to read about other people's struggles. You know you're not the only one dealing with this monster.

  • hi want to win, why not have a nice hot bath to take your mind off them, put your pj s on , slob about till your mate turns up.

    keep strong hun

    jude xx

  • Thanks jude, great idea. I'm running the bath now.

    I just added the lapses thing on my signature, so I would have to 'fess up if I did anything stupid. And I don't want to have anything but a 0 to put there (the newbies coming in, in the future, should see that I'm strong not weak, especially since I'm doing cold turkey...that's my reasoning. And I don't want to start this routine all over again. Lord knows.)

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