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No Smoking Day
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Chantix Day 3

These first few days have not been bad at all..not at all. I have not taken my dy 3 tablet yet but will soon....my poor husband is trying to quit cold turkey and is having a terrible time. He said last night that he sees a big difference in the way we are handling our quits..he is tense and angry and I am cool as a cuke..anyway, I did experience some tiredness and nausea but not too bad. My dreams last night were GREAT!!! I actually tried my lucid dreaming technique to try and continue once I woke up...as far as Chantix is concerned, I am with it all the way - I am concerned, however, about just having a one month supply..I am thinking about cutting the dose in half once the 2 pill a day starts and just take one since it seems to suit my body and I havent had any cravings..has anyone cut pills in half?? Thanks all!!

SS - aka Rose

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Hi Rose, WELL DONE YOU.:) You are doing really well!:) I quit 01/01/08, and cut down to 1 tab a day on 13/Jan. I haven't found much difference to when l was taking the 2 tabs. Say to yourself, "i'll try 1 tab today, just to see what it feels like". If you feel OK, try the same thing the next day, and so on. That is how l went about it, always with the thought that if it felt too bad, l could always go back to 2 again. Hope this works for you.:D:D

Love Josie xxx


hiya Rose, glad its going well for you. :)

as for cutting them, you will need to see how well you do in a few days, you may need the two, i think i did.

jude xxx


Glad you are sailing SS!! :D

Interesting your champix vs cold turkey experiment!

lol :D

~Buffy x x


Hi Rose,

Good luck with the Chantix I have used this myself and it's good - I got to the stage where I was only taking one tablet every few days not sure if you are supposed to do this but it worked for me.



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