No Smoking Day
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I had a god awful day yesterday and today isn't panning out much better :mad:

The boys and men in my life are all driving me insane!!

Had a big row with my eldest yesterday, he's better now.

Then when I spoke to my bf for some moral support he took me wrong and thought I was having a pop at him! :confused: It hard for him to comrehend that not everything I talk about revolves around him!!

He hung up on me *sigh*

Long and short Is I marched off and bought fags last nigh :( I threw the rest away last night and am here again!!

Stupid bint that I am everyone batters me then I go and punish myself further!!



~Buffy x x

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buffy honey, i had a terrible day yest too. i was on day 10 of not smoking + doing fairly well + then my computer started playing up + i had to sit taking advice from my brother to try to sort it out for about 2 hours.

it still didn't sort it + then i got really stressed + got the worst craving i have had so far!!! it was horrible + lasted for about 4 hours!!!! then i called my fiance + yelled at him. he wasn't even staying at home that night either so i felt really terrible!!!

don't worry chick, keep at it and keep getting support from the forum - i find it helps. you're doing great x x x x :p


Cheers rob confidence is the key x x x x your so right.

Feeling betterer didn't go to the park took the girls to starbucks, lol it was raining so I figured it best ;)

We bought some bits from boots, and rescue remedy! and tescos

and my eldest has been very sweet to me all day today :o

Not heard from my BF since I texted him to say 'thanks for the support' :rolleyes:

I will be happy if he stays out for a month :mad:

Going to cut the kids hair now, vent some anger there lmao

I am feeling much calmer now x x x x thanks x x x x


My Buff

So very sorry about last night but so pleased your back (for my own selfish resons) Only joking. know what you mean about the bf had a big row with mine last week about my son cos he asked to say the night cos he was seeing things. I know i should be strong and say no but bf was more upset cos didnt ask his permision. Anyway your back thats the main thing be carfull with the hair take the recue remidy first HEHE love Linda xxxxxx


Ohh buffy. Dont beat yourself up over it.

I dont think you should think of yourself back at day 1, it was a blip.



Thanks Boudee

Just thought it was me being one sided. But told bf if its between him and son sorry no contest we been together 30 years this year but jamies not his his dad was my first husband hes dead. I do agree that my son can take me to the limit but i think if he dies I will never forgive myself. To me he is still one of my baby. Thats mothers for you Linda xxx


Buffy What are you doing get back on day 19 this min it was only a little mishap. Hows the kids hair HEHE xxx


Ah Buff pick yourself up dust yourself off and get back down to it. Just one blip on the way to the ultimate goal, who cares really?!

You will do it in the end.:D


Kids should not be born till they are 21 :D 32..

Buffy, so sorry to hear about your blip but I agree with those who think you should continue from where you were. A blip is a blip is a blip... Don't let it interfere with your Master Plan!:)


Thanks everyone!! sorry you had a time of it too est4elvis x x x x

I cut in fringes, so the girls look really different!! but they look lovely and their hair looks much neater, they like the fringes, It means they dont have to put their hair up and they don't keep getting it in their eyes :D

Still no sign of bf yet, Linda I agree too son should stop with you if you say so. You shouldn't have to ask permission for your child to stay in your house?!

If he is becoming paranoid though please be careful x x x x


Glad to see you have changed your sig Buffy.

Now you can get back to the room you should be in:)

Barb x


:D Thanks was in two minds but now I feel that I will have more confidence if I acknowledge the 2+weeks I have done!

I didn't want a blip in my quit :o I hope it never ever happens again!!


Good. I'm not here that long Buffy but I'm here long enough to know that you'd be a big loss to the forum if you left.:)

:o *Hugs* Rob x x x x x Thank you x x x x x thats very sweet.

I am feeling Ok today and not smoking isn't bothering me.

But I need every bit of confidence back I can get! lol

I don't really understand the whole going for a smoke when I am stressed, It doesn't help me in anyway and makes me feels worse for doing it :confused: Guess I best keep stress free :D

~Buffy x x


It doesn`t matter how many blips you have , as long as you keep trying.Think of all the days you haven`t smoked.

Stay stronge.

Barb x


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