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Month 5 Feb 27th~June 27th

Heya all x x x x x

I am here :eek: just entering month 5!!

I can't believe it! really! also i have joined the gym Woooo done exersize class already and had my first day at gym today, the induction however found my blood pressure high :( so i am not allowed to do much till i get a full MOT from GP hehehhe

but i can not believe me!!!

I am so very happy and so amazed at the new me!!


You've helped me change my life so much and all for the better

~Buffy x x

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Way to go Buffy!!!!

I'm really impressed you've come this far, well done!

I can remember you first joining this site, you and Boudee's craziness kept us all in stitches. :D

"You've helped me change my life so much and all for the better"

That's really great, but to be honest I think you've helped far more people than have helped you, your enthusiasm has been AMAZING!!

Really brilliant inspiration for anybody reading this who thinks it can't be done.

(Don't fret too much about the blood pressure, lots of bizarre things can cause this but at least you know it will be lower now than when you smoked!)

Well done on only taking 4 months to get to the gym after stopping smoking! :p (hee! hee!)


Hi Buffy

You dont need to say thank you to us you are by far the best support ever on here. 5 months thats really fab almost half a year and the gym you will be like a super model soon great stuff Buff Love Linda xxx



congrats Buffy!!!!

Haven't quite got there again (experience with zyban sacred me tooo much!!!

but I have seen the nursey about giving patches another whirl - cutting down something chronic as well. So watch this space!!!! (If only they would invent a patch 4 red wine ! lol

Seriously well done you girlie !!!!

Karen xx


congrats buffy you are 1 in a million, with your support to me and many other people on this site you have helped to change peoples lifes, wow what a star.




Thank you for all your help and support.

Barb x


Oh thanks guys!! :o

I am speechless!! ME SPEECHLESS!

Well done on only taking 4 months to get to the gym after stopping smoking! (hee! hee!) Cheeky :p

Volcano, Linda, Roy and Barb thanks :D

And KAREN!!! OMG! when did you sneak in here! :p Missing you, hurry up n quit and get back here hehehe Serious take the time you need but keep in touch x x x x

Thanks guys thanks!! x x ~Buffy x


Hi Buffy Sorry I've been out of town for a while....Month 5 what an amazing acheivement. I must agree with everyone else though - you've given everyone on here so much help and support -we couldn't have done it without you!:D

Absolute Star:)

Loopy XX

Ps - I'm still doing fine - week twelve now and patch free for a week!


Heya Loops x x x x

Great to hear from you! funny old day first Liz n Boudee out of the blue now you :D

So glad to hear your in week 12! :eek:

NRT free too you star! Done so well x x good one x x

Thanks for the kind words too :o I am here for myself too you know :p

Keep in touch ~Buffy x


Hi loopy missed you glad your still on track Linda xx


hi there buffy

im so glad i spotted this post, im using it as proof that you do get your energy back at some point.(im still so sleepy, on day 11 still on highest dose of nicotene patches and started to think that id never get off my back side again lol) my hubbie used his cigg money when he gave up to build a gym in the garden so i have absolutly no excuse of not doing some exercise. i just find it easier to walk to my bedroom then to the cabin haha. no really i should get in there , i will get in there , i must get in there . lol

well done to you. and thank you so much for all the support you give me on my threads , really appreciated x:)


Thank you destiny x x x x

It has changed my lifestyle quite a bit!! and i am still changing bits too!!

~Buffy x x


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