No Smoking Day

Day 70 today

Hi all, just thought I would post. day 70 today for myself & linlin.

It does get easier & you don't think about cigs the same as at the start.

There are days still when I feel a little down, but not so bad that I would have a cig. I think the weather at the moment can give you the blues.

Anyway just wanted to say I am here and still smokefree.

Love to all of you Joan XXX

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Well done Joan (& LInlin)

I'm just 5 days behind you, your earlier posts inspired me to keep going through days 6-8 which I found really tough

Thanks Joan


Well Done. :D


Well done Joan!!!!

For some reasons I never doubted that you'd make it, you always sounded so resolute and strong ever since the start, you're a true star my friend

Congrats linlin too!


Well done Joanlaw and thanks for your incredible support. You seem to have gone through the last 70 days without a single blip - not something I can admit to!

Anyone want buy a house? After 30 years, time to go separate ways.....offers invited!


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