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Could have a bit of a CRISIS on Friday

I have not long ago got back from the Vets. He thinks that Twix, my 8 year old Boxer bitch may have a tumour in either her chest or stomach, and on Friday he is going to X ray her, to ascertain if, or where it is. Her litter sister Smartie, was diagnosed with a tumour on her liver, 16 months ago. I am really not looking forward to Friday. It is bad enough having 1 dog with a tumour, let alone 2 dogs. Sorry to burden you all with this, but when l got back in tonight, it was the first real time, that l could have killed for a cigarette, and l know that ALL DAY FRIDAY, it is going to be the same. :(:(:(


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Aw Josie x x x x Big *hugs*

Thats awfully sad news and my heart is with you x x x x x

Smokes won't change anything though, you know that x x and you wouldn't want to put your family through this sad pain when you get sick from smoking eh?

Hang tight and look after your babies and yourself x x x x x

I hope Friday is not as bad as expected x x x x x x x


Ohh I am so sorry and i will be keeping my fingers crossed for you. You have been here for me today and i will be here for you too xxx

Take care xx


Oh Josie I am ever so sorry that you have to go through this :(. I hope Friday things are going to turn out better than you expect, do not give in to the temptation of smoking Josie hun as it not only will certainly not help you, it will instead make you feel all the more so bad. Please...don't let the addiction use your sorrow and this tough moment to have you feed the evil nic demon again. A big hug, and I'll be thinking of you and your little furry friends with my fingers crossed xxxxxx


Josie be thinking of you friday. hope every thing will turn out ok Linda xxxxxxxxxx


Fingers crossed for you and Twix this Friday Josie. Dogs are great and it's very frightening when things go wrong with them. Here's hoping everything will be O.K. Thoughts are with you.


Hi Josie

Hope your feeling a little better today about things. My partner & son would give anything to have a Bulldog pup My partner is on the net all day dreaming. HEHE Linda xxxxxxxxxx


its realy scarery when our pets are sick, its like when a child is ill . They just dont understand whats going on but they still pick up the vibes. Hope things go well, keep us up to speed, we will all be thinking of you mate, try to stay strong.


Hey Josie

Stay strong honey, you wont help twix by smoking, and u certainly wont help yourself big hugs to you bothxxxxxxxxxxx


Sorry wasnt around yesterday, been really busy mother in law in hosp, walkin dogs and 2 bloody jobs. Now any chance you can get a little part time job while boys ar at school. I have taken on a temp job as business is slow this time of year Really helps me as everywhere is no smoking now. It is hard juggling everything, but hey we're women we are used to that!:D and so what if you dont make a meal from scratch EVERY nite lol It will also give you a break and something else to think about. luv n hugs


I wish you all the best for Friday Josie - whatever happens the vets will look after Twix and do the right thing. Vets in this country are among the very best in the world.

And whatever happens you having a cigarrette wont help! After you have had the cigarette the situation will be the same. The only thing that will have changed will be that you smoked. And then you will be really disappointed in yourself and have two things to be upset about which leads to more smoking.


Will be thinking of you tomorrow - post on here when u have news. xx


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