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day 14!

whoo hoo! nearly a fortnight:cool::)

As a serial quitter I always used to cave in during the second week when the novelty of quitting started to fade but the withdrawals seemed to get worse. However this time it's been different, it has'nt been an easy week these past 7 days but I just kept reminding myself how wretched I would feel if I caved in and started smoking again:D Today and yesturday I've noticed a great improvement, hardly any withdrawal pangs and I feel really confident and relaxed, and I seem to be thinking about smoking less and less. It's all good - here's to my third week smoke free:cool:

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I,m just going into my 13th day, and I agree. Its the state of mind that stops you caving in. I had a conversation with my daughter last night.....

Daughter: I dont want to give up, the thought of never being allowed to have another cig terrifies me.

Me: I felt like that then on the fourth day something clicked in my brain. I can have another cig if I want, in fact I could go buy 20 and smoke them all one afer the other. I am CHOOSING not to.

Previous quits have been because I felt I should, to save money etc etc, but not because I actually wanted to. This time i do. When I crave I tell myself if it gets worse I'll go buy some, then I imagine smoking one, feeling light-headed and sick (as I know I would) and it puts me off the idea!!!

On a lighter note, I have noticed that the blocked pores I had at the side of my nose have cleared, for the first time since I was 14 years old!! My skin in starting to glow :D


Well done you two are superstars. keep up the good work and keep us posted. Good Luck xxx :D


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