No Smoking Day

anyone with me on day 4 ?

am i the only one today on day 4 ?

anyway if you are in day 4 please write down something , i feel am alone here .... anyway today i faced sleeping problomes ,,,, woke up at 4 am , i had a nightmare then i slept again then i had a funny dream , i hope this sleeping problom wont last forever , i have about 3 to 4 craving ,,,, but the stronest one is when i wake up ,,,,,i hope day 4 will be easy for me and all :o

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Sorry not on day 4 but the first week is the worse. I also get sleep probs but know it gets better with time keep strong you will feel so much better as the days pass and your not alone no matter what day anyone is on. We are all here for each other Linda xxxxx


Well your over day 3 and the 72 hour milestone there. Stay at it until Monday, then with day 7 behind you too it's plain sailing forever after.



Your not on your own ,I`m on day 5 so were really close.I have had some craves and am finding it difficult to resist, but i have.

Last quit i struggled for first 3 weeks , this time its a bit easier.

The first 3 days i had sleep problems but am ok now.

Keep stronge

Barb x


day four

im on day four so your not alone:) quit cold turkey with the first 72 hours over me now. finding it hard at times but i just keep saying in a non smoker not another puff ,just take it day by day you will win:D


Hi guys - also on day 4 cold turkey - know what you mean about the sleep problems I'm going round like a zombie - did anyone suffer with restless legs at night in the early stages.

John thanks for your comments hopefully things will be better after day 7.





Sara im now on day four, as as yet i dont seem to have any symptoms other than a craving now and again for a cig which only lasts a short while . Im maybe one of the lucky ones or they are yet to appear but so far i have been ok. well done your doing great


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