No Smoking Day

1/8/08 day 4

Hi! I am Neri.....from the USA......I am thinking most of the board is UK?

I made 96 hours smokefree today at 1530. I am so excited but sad that I am never gonna have another inhale of smoke.

I tried the Chantix one day and got sick off of it.

I am doing this cold turkey.

I have smoked 23 years roughly last 15 at 2ppd

My brother got diagnosed with lung cancer on 12/14/07. It's the small cell type. He started chemo and radiation this past week.

I have motivation obviously.

Not a real coherent post, but this is the furtherest time I have made it!

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Well i think your doing great and you have come to the right place for lots of support. There are a ot of people from the UK here but there are other from all over the world.

To even attempt cold turkey in my book is amazing. :)


Thank you. I am praying this time is the charm.


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