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Another day another fiver

Hi again folks

Well its nearly 1 oclock on day 2, you could say its day three really but ive not been to bed yet, i find the first couple of days really hard in the way of gettting to sleep, I was awake for ages last 4 or 5 oclock, Does any one els get this,

Weve kept our selfs busy today and gave the house a full spring clean even though its january,

I am taking my partner to an indoor rock climbing centre tomorow, you know keeping busy and that, A bit of a treat and that,

Anyway think i wiill try and get my head down now, ready for day three

Cheers andy

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well done

to andywink

well done on day 3ish, i will be trying to get throu day 1 tomorrow how was your first day?:confused:


Hi Rascal

My first day wernt tio bad, As long as you use some nicotine replacment that suits you, It wont be that bad, Its the not getting to sleep that does me, For me the niquitine is the best,

Anyway good luck and be strong,

Regards Andy


Grats Andy x x x x

Seems to me you got this thing tied up!! it's not easy but your doing all the right things by keeping busy and active and not letting this thing get the better of you x x hang tight and stay strong.

~Buffy x x x x

Welcome on board Rascal x x

We'll all be here for you x x

Good luck

~Buffy x x


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