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Day 21 and managed another smoke free weeknd

Well Here I am day 21, 3 full weeks complete and another milestone. Week 4 here I come.

Well I did it first night out on the town with friends for hubby's birthday as an ex smoker and managed to keep going till 2am this morning, went way over the top with the G&T's but NO CIGS!!!Yipee!!!!!!.:D

I did have a occassions last night when I had strong urges to have one but I ended up chewing on a straw, how unlady like but needs must and it stopped my craving so who care's. I have thought that maybe when I go and visit the nurse next I'll ask to get some chewing gum for nights like last night as have another one next Saturday. All my friends last night where giving me so much praise it made me feel great and all those with me were ex smokers and completely understand what I'm going through which sure helps.

I hope you all had a fab smoke free weekend.


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21 Days....

Hi Sharon, U are doing fantastic, Weekends are not the easiest, U are doing brill ( I had to go tee total for so long).... Hope this afternoon went well for you, and your hangover got better *lol... Would have been worse as a smoker.... U are easily gliding into your 4th Week....

Very proud of you Sharon, Dont let your guard down though, Stay Strong Kaz x x :p


Congratulations Shazie! You'll rock on to 28 days before you know it! Under a week to go :)


hi shazie:D

your doing awesome girl keep it up, i cant wait to see you hit the week 4 mark, bet u dont know what to treat yourself to with all this cash your saving

Geoff x


Hi Shazie :D

3 weeks that's great well done you

Also well done getting through that first night out with drinks as well smoke free

It will never be as hard for you again though Promise


Marg xx


Well done to you 3 weeks gone already, keep up the good work you are a winner.



Reall well done Shazie xx I hope today has gone OK for you :)


Thanks guys.



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