No Smoking Day

So much calmer these days and another 1st!

Well its been a while, but the custodians of sods law came knocking today and I got a flat tyre. It happens!

Well its the 1st time that I've changed the tyre as a non smoker, although I must have done a dozen as a smoker, and while its not difficult I would normally have been bad tempered and stopped for a smoke in the middle, and the task would often have been accompanied by a string of 4 letter words.

I can't believe the general change in my disposition since I quit, I am much calmer and take things in my stride better!

And I used to think that smoking calmed me down and helped me manage stress, but for me at least I am astounded by the extent of the mind altering effects of nicotine!

Ah well got to get the wheel fixed on Monday, never mind!

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Interesting response - but .. you've had a dozen flats in your time ? - What do you do - aim for anything sharp and pointy ?


21 years of doing 20K+ miles a year and I've also changed several for other people in my time so I think a dozen is quite a conservative estimate!!!


I still do the four letter words when I get one but when I smoked I used to slam everything I touched all over.Now I just put it in its place.:D


flat tyres

well as a women-i just get a man to do my flat tyres-my response funnily enough hasnt changed now i am a non smoker!!!! :D:D

oh i suppose it has-i just dont have a fag whilst watching the guy replace my tyre hehe!



Well she prob had but the other up while speeding!


LOL give me a chivalrous bloke any day!!!


It's nice to be so much more relaxed isn't it?

My boss at work is always telling me how much better I am to work with these days, now that I don't get stressed about everything.

Mrs StuartH has noticed that I am calmer too, and little StuartH loves the new energetic Daddy who plays with him much more instead of getting stressed everytime he is a little naughty.

So great to see you doing so well Nic, you were one of the poeple who I really looked up to in my early days since you are not TOO far ahead of me but far enough for me to aspire to be in your position...


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