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HI everybody

Put a patch on half an hour ago,

Reasons for quiting

No 1 2 kids 1 @ 6 months 1 6 years old

No2 coughing all the time and have been warned that i could develope Bronchitis if i carry on, and im only 34

No 3 having an hip replacment operation in the next 6 weeks, Doctor not happy when he did my other in september has i was smoking

No 4 I would like to get healthy has i have intrests in the outdoors canoeing walking camping ect, (sick of the inability to breath propery

No 5 Ive done six months before and and felt great (no excuses)

No 6 I dont want my kids doin the same as me (Being a beter roll model)

No 7 Money, not the most important reason but its a bonus and the jar idea is a good idea as my partner is quiting also today so it should mount up quite quickly

Any way these are are my reasons, I have been smoke free last year also for 3 months but i started again in about july the reason being that i was in quite a lot of pain with my hips and not able to do much, And siting in front of the box all day was killing me, so out of boardam i started again, I will find it hard has i am still in quite a lot of pain but only for the next 6 weeks or so until i have my 2nd operation and will finally be pain free,

Regards and good luck to all, And hats of to every one who has quit


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Hi Andy and Welcome to the forum. I think that if you have quit before you are already prepared for what comes next and this time you can get through it.

You have some good reasons there and we are all here to help as much as we can. x

What a nice lil catalogue of reasons!!

MR n Mrs Andy get through this quit too!!

Boredom is my failing point too, I went back to the smokes but only when bored indoors, didn't take them out with me, if I was out I was out and not smoking.

Guess we can learn from that and plan better for these 'Boring' moments eh?

Best of luck and strength to you both

~Buffy x x

Hi Andy and bestsmileys.com/welcome/4.gif to the best place to be! Let's hope this quit will be your last ever; I'm sure it will. Best of luck and keep strong.:)

Welcome Andy congrats to you and Mrs Andy on your quit. keep posting and stay strong Linda xxxxxxxx


hi im new but my list is to long to put down, mostly i want to do it for my children i cant tell them not to smoke if i do, oh and the smell, and feeling sick could carry on but i would be hear all night. God i hate fags and what they do!!!!!!!:mad:

Welcome rascal

Your in the right place for support. There are some fab people on site. Keep posting and take one day at a time. Linda xxxxxxxxx

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