Day 18

I could really murder a ciggy right now :( Evenings are the worst for me, particularly after I've eaten and tonight is no exception. Still, I've not given in so far (and I've had two glasses of wine so can't drive!) and I've no intention of. I can go all day without a single ciggy thought, but evenings are a different matter entirely.

I keep waiting for this 'having more energy' thing to kick in as right now, I'm just knackered and washed out. I never did have a smokers cough, and the cough that the doctor warned me would come hasn't yet! In fact, if I'm honest, physically I don't feel any difference. I may look slightly better, but I wish I *felt* better.

I'm just having a bleurgh evening, I think!:rolleyes:

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  • Hi Inderellie - stick with it, I felt the same as you too, especially in the early evening. As for the feeling better I know exactly what you mean. I had a permanent smokers cough, now I don't cough anymore. Could sleep the clock round and still waiting to feel all this new found energy. Keep up the good work and come on the forum when you need to for some excellent advice from people who are way down the road from us. I'm sorry I can't tell you that it gets better because I'm not there yet but we'll get there together with a little help from our friends, the wine and the vodka..

  • Hi Inderellie

    I never coughed either but I think each quit is individual so what happens to a mate may not happen to you. As to the tiredness thing I felt tired about my 4th week but it disappeared in only a few days . Congrats on 18 days!

  • Hi Inderellie

    You just stick with it, I cant remember the the few weeks of my quit too well its all a bit of a blar now. but i do remember the majic moment about 3 week in to my quit when it hit me that I finaly done it.

    Still get the odd moment but it's now nothing I can't handle. and you stick with it and you will know what i mean very soon.

    Good luck Inderellie, you done the hard bit

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  • I'm just having a bleurgh evening, I think!:rolleyes:

    Just remember the fantastic feelings will eventually outweight those bleurgh:D feelings...

    and its sooo worth it.

    Good luck!

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