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Hi all, I am back!

Hi everyone,

I am back!

So where have I been?.......

I FAILED I gave in to my cravings at day 33!!! Why??? I dont know, I guess cos it was easier than not?! but who knows, but I let everyone down and myself!

I have got myself some nic chewing gum and I am going to try again tomorrow because I dont want this to beat me!

Any encouragement is more than welcome!

So here's to attempt number two!

See you all tomorrow xxxx

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Welcome back trying. good to have you back!


Welcome back Trying

Good luck this time. I remember having a hard time round the 1 month mark

but you'll be ready for it this time around. So keep trying Trying and once again good luck.

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Welcome back Trying. hope you stay with us, You wll be stronger this time and know the pit falls ahead, we live and learn eh ? good luck.


Good luck on attempt number two! You'll know so much more from attempt number one that will help you this time.


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