No Smoking Day

Day 26

and sympanthy needed!!! I'm feeling sorry for myself today as i am full of the cold :( I never used to get colds, i'd get a warning and manage to pump it out of my system before it came on.

I'm not an ill person but in the last 26 days i've had numerous things wrong with me, can i blame the quit? Not that it makes a difference as i'm not going to smoke again.

I've been a right grump the past couple of days, usually i'm so full of energy and happieness, The fun Lynners seemed to have been stubbed out with my last tabbie. Now i'm a grumpy, foul mouthed ill person.

Where's that violin.

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Aw Lynnzer sorry to hear you're feeling so bad, but rest assured it's only momentary hun :) To have a cold or a sore throat or loads of other rather obnoxious kinds of illnesses or anyway little physical problems is quite common in the beginning, I believe the winter season doesn't help either for obvious reasons but this does go away, you just have to be patient a little bit more and allow your poor body to readjust itself and learn how to function properly without smoke, honey. Quitting is awesome for our health, of course, but it sure is kind of a shock for our system, all the more so if you happen to have smoked for many years like most of us :D So cheer up, don't feel too bad, try and accept the changes and allow yourself time. You are so close to the point where things start to REALLY improve :)

As for being grumpy - welcome to the club :D Hee, but that does go away too!


I'm a 100% grump! The man at the quit smoking session told me that the immune system takes a bit of a dip about 3 weeks after quitting. I have my fingers and toes painfully crossed hoping I won't get the cold bug, flu, chest, viral infection thats been going around down here!

I've been taking a double dose of vitamins for over six months now, eating fresh veg and fruit every day (let's forget the chocolate and panic attacks on the scales!), so hope I won't go down with the lurgy.

Am also trying to think one good thought a day :mad: Smile broadly at least once a day :rolleyes: and stamp my foot three times a day! :p


My advice is take zinc. I used to get three or four colds per year but since someone told me to take zinc supplements I've had one cold in 18 months. It could be a huge coincedence but I'm hoping its not cos every time I feel like I'm coming down with a cold I double up on my daily intake and it seems to go away.


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