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Day 26 & a bit glum


Im doing ok but very sad:(. Despite hating my my mate Nic, keep feeling like I miss him/her.

NOPE still rules in my mind, but need to buck up and cheer up, hopefully out of month 1 at weekend will lighten my mood.

To patch or not to patch that is the question?

Want to pack them in and get on the CT and get on with it proper, but dont want to balls it up.

Bit tricky to read all the anti NRT stuff on here when you are on it.

In lots of ways I agree with it, but think I'll continue as I am for a bit + Ive just spent £18 on the step 2 & 3 little diddy ones(bargain reduced from £14 odd each)

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26 days is brilliant! doesn't matter whether you do NRT or not, whatever feels good. I think the main thing is to try and believe in yourself, and work on changing the beliefs you have about fags. Have you read any of the alan carr stuff. I know he bangs on, but it is helpful to get rid of beliefs we hold about its been your friend etc. just a thought

Thanks Hilary, I have read Mr Carr fully a few years ago and have got the full version and a mini version on my bedside table at the moment. All makes perfect sense and agree completely, but does get a bit preachy at times and can wind you up.

I have found the forum very good and more helpful with the wide range of quitters, methods, trials and tribulations, which I think gives a much more realistic view of it all.

I'm not sure any way is that much of an easy way, but we are all on here with same goal and need to keep on keeping on

Mr G, you have to make it!

People like you who are approaching 1 month are the role models for people like me who are on our first week or two.

You are the people who give us hope that it can be done.

If you fail, we wonder if it is possible!

No pressure there then! :D :D :D

You can do it.

You've got through the worst part of the early stages, do you really want to have to go through that again?

I am perhaps a my pint is half empty type of person, but chuffed to get this far, in it for the long haul and the good bits of not fagging it way out weigh the bad bits.

It does get easier and a month has flown by so best of luck to you and all

Hi Andrew/All..

I myself am on Day 25 and am really looking forward to the 1 month milestone.. Gotta say I hardly have any cravings now, but thankfully it has been a fairly stress-free last 3-4 weeks at work...

After about 10 days.. every day gets easier...

Tomorrow I'm going to buy a mountain bike! woo-hoo...

Hang in there.. let's all pull through together..

I already look forward to my one year, penthouse anniversary... A great goal to aim for... Cheers!

I'm the same as you, thinking about getting the patches off just want the nico out of my system but then on the other hand I've been advised by people who have had successful quits using patches have told me not to mess about, to do the full course and finish it. We just dunno what to do do we.

Hey Rochelle and Andrew :)

When to stop using NRT?

Some folk do go the whole course of patches as prescribed. Others wean themselves off by cutting the patches down. Some, such as lozenge/mist users, are ensuring that they carry them whilst they take the first tentative steps NRT free...a safety net.

As patch users do you notice the difference when you step down in strength of patch? How does that feel? Is there any mileage in thinking that the step down process may also be similar to stopping using the patches?

Don't be in any rush if you aren't completely comfortable as yet.

As far as the negativity regarding NRT products...ignore that fekin' sh1t. You are quitting with them and you've got to x amount of days/weeks/months. Others have quit successfully with using NRT and so why not you too.

Protect your quit.

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