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No Smoking Day
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Day 5 and a half


Just got back home .. its weird I am almost a full week done longest period ever. I am home alone and this again is another routine thing to get home after all this travel grab a cold drink sit outside and have two smokes then have a shower decide on dinner have another cold drink two smokes, catch up with my friend and drink coffee and smoke more !!!! that is what i will be trying to overcome as of NOW! I am scared but optimistic that I will get through it ! Please make me get through it

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PLease .. just remember me that is just feels hard right now ... it will take a little bit longer before I get over it and I don't feel this no more !


Hi CtA, just wondering where you are that you can sit outside (brrrr) and have a smoke!

Anyway, yes, I'll go out on a limb and guarantee that it gets easier and it gets better! There you go.

Maybe you have to find a new routine or even no routine at all.. just catch yourself doing stuff in a different order / not at all or whatever.

For me that morning thing was the worst - used to have 3 or 4 fags with my morning coffee and was convinced that I couldn't function without. Ha ha.. how wrong was I all those years!:rolleyes:

Stick with it because it's worth it and so are you. :)


hi steve, I am in australia and its really warming up and now that you can't smoke in doors alot have places have custome built these outdoor areas with heaters and stuff so its still quite nice and comfortable and it really doesn't get all that cold here. But I have failed at this attempt again which sux coz i was going so well but i will be trying again this second attempt was the longest so far.. so now I gotta go back to day one coz i smoked this weekend and today dissapointing but its not over yet


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