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Day 8 better

Put day 8 in the wrong section, the complications of being a newbie! Do feel a bit better, seen a nurse and got more patches free hurray. See other thread. 2nd week sounds better than day 8 but at stressful moments I have 3 children and believe me I am pushed to stressful times I am desperate to make myself feel better with a cig, hard to remember the benefits of not smoking sometimes, I did enjoy my little escapes with my little friends. However I have not given in yet, a nice old bloke whom I met puffing up the hill put me off, he is dying of emphesema, could have been me etc doom and gloom...Find myself obsessed with the giving up, almost as obssessively as my smoking. Anyone else?

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For the first 2 months I found I was obsessed as well. I think I thought about smoking more than I did when I actually smoked. what a terrible feeling and what horrid thoughts. I am worried when you say "i haven't given in YET" You won't give in! You are stronger than that and you will kick yourself in the a$$ if you did that! Hang tight buddy ~ you are doing amazing and you can keep going.


thanks no smoke it helps


Glad I can help! How are you feeling now? Hopefully you are clear of day 8 and feeling a bit better into day 9! You can do this!!! :D


Hi nosmoke (et al), thanks for enquiring about my well-being, I'm finding it hard to think of anyone else's needs, so I appreciate your thoughtfulness! Day 10 was easier somehow thought at last I've broken the back of this hurrah, however this morning woken up feeling 'the need' frantically sucking on my plastic cig. It comes in waves but this is a long one. Chocolate, water, hot shower, nothing helps, but I know it will wear off. Moments when I think nothing else will do cept cig. Gotta grit my teeth.

Felt great last eve, went out to dinner and didn't have to go out in the pouring rain, marvellous. And I didn't miss out on the conversation more importantly.

You too are doing brilliantly as well, let's not forget (me, me, me!)


Hi Cal,

Oh it's normal to only be thinking about yourself at this point in time. I was right where you are and I know how it feels. I remember posting something at the beginning of my quit stating I couldn't figure out how poeple were on this forum posting jokes and laughing as all I could think about was smoking....GRRR! It passes and you return back to your old self again. The ciggie thoughts are few and far between. I feel much better now and I only have a few days that come and bother me.

You just need to keep yourself busy! Keep in mind, if you have a ciggie now it will make you sick and you will be so ashamed of yourself. You will kick yourself in the buttocks (teehee) and you will need to start back at the dreadful day 1. Don't do that!! you are doing amazing and you are holding up so well. You don't need a ciggie it will only make things feel worse for you! Head up, chin up ~ you are a star! :D


Thanks for your boost up message no smoke, I really appreciate your thoughts. I must be feeling a bit better as I have been reading other posts and empathising with others a bit more, back to my old self, well not far off!

I am finding mornings difficult, used to start the day with masses of fags to ward off the thought of how much I had to do. So now I am doing a lot of pacing and walking about. But I have not given in, I just cannot now, as you said. It really is about retraining yourself isn't it and old habits really do die very hard indeed! Well done to you for helping everyone else too.

I'm waiting for my sense of humour to return, glimpses of it already..


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