No Smoking Day

Day 18

Finally trying to quit smoking. I'm been smoking nearly everyday since I was 15 (now nearly 27). Not even sure why I've tried. I just woke up one Sunday after a smoking loads on a night out and didn't feel like having one anymore!

Lots of excersise is helping and I'm feeling the benefits! Its a buzz being able to breathe properly again and I'm less stressed because I can take deep breaths!

I've been out drinking twice since I quit and havn't cracked on either occasion. I will be tested hard over Christmas/New Year because most of my friends, close family smoke when they are out. Although, I would rather stay indoors keeping warm, staying healthy and eating Christmas pudding! :)

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Well done, 18 days is a great achievement. Welcome to the site, you'll find lots of support on here. If you need a rant get on your soap box and let it all out!!

Xmas is a big test but once your through it you'll know you can achieve anything!! :D


Welcome russelli. your doing so well. keep up the good work.



hi russ and welcome to the fourm

and congrats on your quit,just back from

taking the dog out can go a lot further now

and feel fitter. HA! HA!.


Well done you !!!

It nice not to be a member of the 'Backyard Gang' anymore, not having to cluster around a (unlite) patio heater anymore.

Keep up the very good work



wow! thanks for all the support guys & well done to all of you for quiting because its a very tough thing to do!

Right... I'm off to get some cake from Sainsburys as a treat :p


No worries... I'll save you all a virtual slice ;)


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