No Smoking Day
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Attention!!! Boudeeeee!!!

Whew! Now you my lady have been on quite the long no smoking path!

5 WHOLE MONTHS TODAY! You are just absolutely amazing Bou!! How great is that!! You are sailing through and while doing so helping everyone who are days behind you keep going through the good times and the bad. You deserve a trophy! You are doing sooooo well. Thank you for pulling me through my bad days and keeping me smile on my good ones :D

Hey everyone!! Lets here it for BOUUUUDDDEEEEE!!!!!!!!!

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Boudee you have done just fantastic. You should be so pleased with your self. You are always here to help other and for that I thank you. xx


Your welcome Bou - you deserve it! :D


lovely red x Bou :eek:



ah ha ha ha ha ha look at this biff

This is a lovely red x!! Where's the pic, silly :confused:


I can see the pic :confused:

Sniff. sniff I can't! :(


oh :( why not? :confused:



Brilliant going Boudee.. 5 Months is fan dabby dosy!

Your exactly 20 days ahead of me, 5 months for me on Xmas Eve Eve.. lol



(Are you like me doesnt it feel like longer ago that you had your last fag? To me it feels like it was February or something!)


Well Done Boudee, You're A Flippin Star!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



Way to go my lil star x x x x x

Oh and I see no pic either :confused:


See Bou!! Beautiful red x we see! You need to stop stealing the images. :rolleyes:


Oh WOW, Bou :eek: I can't believe it's already your fifth month!!!!!

We bow at your throne of awesomeness :p


WOW BOU!!!!YOU ARE BRILLIANT!! WELL DONE!! NOW THATS GOTTA BE WORTH A PAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRTY:D ..........5 MONTHS!!!!!(me n no smoke's got to 4 months next week!)

sorry i missed congratulating you yesterday, been busy doin these bloody christmas cards!!

then i had to take maximoo:D(my dog!!) to the DOGTORS!!(VETS!!):D he's got to go in on friday to have some lumps removed,blood test ect:( (just glad i've got him insured) last time he was poorly it was£2,500!! but i only had to pay the excess of £50! then his insurance covered the rest!!

anyway i'll catchya all soon.....poskit.x

oh bou!! sorry i missed your instant message on hotmail the other day, i'd forgot to set my status to "away" i will catch up for a chat next time we're both logged on at the same time.


Boudee, you seem to be so helpful to everyone on this Forum and good on ya for your achievement!!!

Congratulations and Celebrations la la la la la la la la la la la la la :cool:


I will look out for you

maximoo, thats soooooooo cute my oliver has changed to oliborange and ollie lolly

oh i do hope maximoo will be ok

cor these cards sounds awesome, can I have one QUOTE]

yeh course u can have one of my cards!!:o what do u want n it? how about YOUR DOGGY??? EMAIL ME A NICE PICCY OF HIM AND I'LL DO U ONE:D even with a santa's hat on!!! then you'll have to email me your address so i can send it to you, if you want??

i'll let u know how maxi goes on on friday:( i just hope he's okay n the lumps are nothin bad!!) it's the one in his eye that i'm more bothered about. we'll just have to see how it goes.

bye for now poskit.x:D


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