No Smoking Day

Attention Team FM... Challenge 2!

Ok, I know you've all been scared, nervous, wrought with anticipation, so here it goes... FM challenge 2. Da Da Da!

Your mission as a member of team FM, if you choose to accept it, is to finish this challenge before next Friday. I have just received the envelope from my wife on the exact criteria for the challenge. It reads...

"Tip" "Shimmer" "Down" "Box" "Pound".

What does this mean? Its creative writing week of course! We have to use these five words in any context we can to come up with in either a short story, life experience, song, prose or poem. It must be at least a paragraph long, and can be as long as you like... I personally will probably go very long, as It will get my mind off things. For example... if the word was "tick"... you could use "tick, ticks, ticked, ticking, untick, or even tickle... as the main word has not changed. Here's a hint... Do not assume that all the words only have one meeting, haha. Good luck, happy writing, and enjoy another wonderful smoke free week!

Viking. (I nominate Meeru to come up with challenge three next week if he accepts.)

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oh no i have to use my brain :eek::eek: I dont think ive used it for three weeks, this is going to be a shock to the system!!!

Thanks for the nomination for week 3's challenge, although i have an idea, im going to have to pull out, im off to Switzerland next friday and will not be able to spend alot of time on the net, infact im not even going to check my emails, im having a week free from computers. In other words you wont hear of me for a week, Yipee you all shout!!!!!!

But i will be back and ready for week 4's challenge.

This reply has taken about 15mins to write, im brain dead.........

like the challenge vike, your right, it will take my mind off the weed but i may need 6 months to complete it.


"Tip" "Shimmer" "Down" "Box" "Pound".

Today i went DOWNstairs did a little SHIMMER and bought a BOX for a POUND and TIPped a waiter for a coffee.

Something tells me im not going to get away with that - oh well back to the drawing board


lol almost a paragraph, but not quite! I still haven't even decided what genre i'm gonna write mine in, lol.


Mine will be in the genre of thick essex git


true essex git... i'm definetly looking forward to that one haha!


Wahey, a new task! I shall do my best, sir!

Ain't got a clue what to write about though! :o


Oh man I have just thought of a wicked challenge!! Bagsy my turn next! lol J/K. I can wait...I think...

So who will do week 3's challenge then? Louise? Hands up who wants to go next!

Am I the only sad sack here? Everyone else out on the lash? :rolleyes:


Yep i was out on the lash! am rather slightly inebriated as i write this! not even a snifter of a puff passed my lips, yay! am a happy happy happy girl, woo hooo yay


Wow, well done Louise! We is roight proud of yer we are oh so we are!!! :D

I daren't go out yet! Is crap having to stay in night after night when all I want is a good night out!! arrghh Don't trust myself tho!

So, just the pubs tonight then was it? No club?!?! Just think of all those hot men just waiting to buy you a drink gal!


was an 18th bday party. ohh got lots of hot younger men lined up to buy me drinks! hee hee. was very proud of myself, the others smelt proper offensive too when they came back from their fags :)


Ok..this is pretty long...:o

This is my project!

"Hello and welcome to Dance '08" yells the presenter into the microphone. "Tonight, we have a spectacular competition which I'm sure will impress even the most hardest critic among us!!"

"Our contenders ARE! The VIKING!!" Roars of applause are heard as The Viking makes his way down to the stage.

"Next we have MEERU!!" Again, thunderous applause is heard as Meeru bounds his way to join the Viking.

"Next in line..." carries on the presenter, "we have Manolo!!" Manolo, being the show off, cartwheels and backflips all the way down to the stage much to the crowds appreciation.

"Wow" exclaims the presenter. "That really got the crowd wild!" At this, the crowd goes wild even more! Manolo grins and takes a bow.

"Oooook, next we have Kenny!!!" declares the presenter. Seconds later, the presenter yells again "Kenny is next! Come on down!" Fearing Kenny had gone awol, the presenter was just about to make a witty comment to the crowd when Kenny finally showed, sauntering down the aisle with not a care in the world. Or time, it would seem. Eventually, Kenny reached the stage and got elbowed in the ribs by Manolo. "Thought you'd disappeared, where you been man?" Kenny replied "I been walking on air, my fair fellow. I feel like I'm on cloud nine!"

Kenny had been to see a hypnosis guy and hadn't been 'with it' ever since.

"Right, next we have Maddy!!!!" Shouts the presenter excitedly. Maddy appears at the back of the hall and makes her way down the front.She is certain she is the one tipped to win the competition! However, all around, is an awkward silence. No cheers, no applause...nothing. Well, thats if you discount the single clap that could be barely heard in the distance. Paranoid, Maddy hurries up and gets to the stage to be greeted by the others. They shift awkwardly on their feet, wondering why Maddy was given the silent treatment.

"Yes...yes...wonderful. Kimh is next up. Kimh, come on down!!" The presenter was quick to move on after maddy's embarassing entrance.

kimh wore a shimmering gold dress and tried to go one up on Manolo's entrance by doing backflips all the way down the aisle but somehow mis-read the remaining space she had on the last flip and smacked her face on the stage edge as she was coming down.The crowd gasped and tried to edge forward to see how Kimh was doing, wondering if she was able to carry on, but poor Kimh was flat out cold.

The viking ran to her aid and hoisted Kimh over his shoulder and took her backstage.

Louise, becoming ever more impatient and concerned that she would not get her grand entrance after Kimh's unfortunate accident, leapt out from the rear of the hall and started singing the YMCA tune whilst doing her best to do the moves. Feeling aggrieved and a tad bit annoyed at Kimh for spoiling her entrance, Louise favoured everybody with her party trick once she hit the stage...touched her tongue to her elbow. For most, this is an impossible feat. The crowd went mad once more and feeling much better, Louise wiggled her way to the centre of the group.

"Oooooook, next we have Annette. Please give Annette a big warm welcome!" Yelled the presenter with a bit too much enthusiasm. It was obvious he fancied the latest contender. Annette screamed all the way to the stage like some demented person! Waving her arms this way and then waving them that way! Even when she managed to get onto the stage after tripping over the first step she was still screaming! Maddy, still smarting from her embarassing entrance, gave her a funny look and discreetly pinged a peanut at Annettes mouth. Bingo! All of a sudden Annette is on the floor clasping her throat. The group gather round her to see what is wrong. By this point, Annette is rather red in the face with only choking sounds managing to escape from her.

Panicking, the presenter tried to put it down to some 'stage show' and called out for the next contestant. "Lynttrl! Come on down!!"

Lynttrl took her time reaching the front of the stage. No one was looking at her. All eyes were on the commotion that was taking place on centre stage. The viking had returned with a revived Kimh and they were in amongst the group trying to clear Annettes throat of some obstruction.

Lynttrl spotted a few pairs of eyes on her so she started making her way to the front. However, it wasn't long before the eyes lost their interest in Lynttrl so Lynttrl returned to the back of the hall and waited again for someone else to notice her before making her grand entrance.

By now, there were paramedics on the stage struggling to help Annette and feeling rather guilty, Maddy disappeared backstage and banged her head repeatedly on some wooden beam.

Marion, who was waiting behind Lynttrl was getting fed up of backing up every time Lynttrl returned to the back of the hall because nobody was looking at her. She just wanted to get this comp over and done with. So, Marion put her boxing skills to the test and pounded on the back of Lynttrl's head. Lynttrl, taken unawares, stumbled into the support beam and knocked herself out. Meeru spied this and ran to Lynttrl's rescue...rather, tried to, for he tripped over a power cable and fell face down. He wasn't a pretty sight after that.

Anyway, pleased that she could finally make her grand entrance, Marion pranced towards the stage at last to strut her stuff.

Does Annette survive her peanut attack?! Does Lynttrl make a recovery?! Will Meeru regain his stunning good looks?! Watch out for Part Two to find out! :D:D


Well here's my attempt and i stress the word attempt, cant compete with Annette or Maddy's entries.

Shimmer, Box, Down, Pound, Tip

There was an old hobo, down on his luck,

He lived in a box, life really did suck,

Then one day on the floor he found,

A golden nugget, a glorious pound.

50 to 1 the horse was called Shimmer,

The tip came in, the nag was a winner,

Off to the shops he hurriedly went,

This rich old hobo now lives in a tent.

So what lessons can we learn from this tale?

To gamble in life, if you don’t, your fail?

Im sorry, it means nothing, for im no Bard,

Its just Vikings challenge this week I found very hard

I had to put the words in, cant you see?

Its over now, finished, bring on week three……….


Woo hoo Meeru! Thats great. Seems we have a few poets in this team? :D

Can't wait to read everyone elses. I just know they're all gonna make mine seem like crap lol Oh well, its the taking part that counts eh? :rolleyes:


Can't wait to read everyone elses. I just know they're all gonna make mine seem like crap lol QUOTE]

Your joking, right? i could never of thought or even tried writing what you did.



bravo meeru

that was very impressive


Nope, not kidding meeru! lol Man, my shit is all a jumbled mess :o Doesn't even have a 'plot' to speak of...other than it started off as a dance competition. Thing is, didn't even get to THAT bit! Only the introductions of the contestants lol Oh well...maybe next time I will try my hand at poetry :eek:


This is my project!

Meeru spied this and ran to Lynttrl's rescue...rather, tried to, for he tripped over a power cable and fell face down. He wasn't a pretty sight after that.

Why what happened to me? Will i ever be that young handsome prince again? okay not so much of the young.......


Ok meeru..its updated :D (you get an end credit).

Now, where's me dough? :D


Loving the projects so far everyone, guess i gotta get off my butt and write something too lol... laziness is such bliss, and i'm the one who came upwith the project rofl.


Loving the projects so far everyone, guess i gotta get off my butt and write something too lol... laziness is such bliss, and i'm the one who came upwith the project rofl.

LOL Yeah, what is with that?!

Do the goodie two shoes of this team get a bonus for handing in our work early?! :p


Ok, i'll have mine finished sometime within the next 48 hours I think... hard to type when your head feels like a thousand miniature miners are hitting it with pickaxes lol.


Everyones are so good, and i have a brain made of cotton wool at the moment :(


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