Attention!!! Steveh!!! 200 Days!!!!!!

Party Party Party!!!

OMG Steve you have reached 200 days today!!! You deserve a party so I am throwing one for you!

Grab a drink everyone cause we all need to celebrate Steve's 200th smoke free day and we should all get plastered while doing so!!! YAYAYYYYYYYY Steve!!!

You are doing amazing, what a huge accomplishment! Keep going buddy - you are rockin the no smoking forums that's for sure! I am very proud of you!


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  • Well done Steve, respect

  • WoW !!!!!! Well DONE OUR STEVE what what ?. Im up for the party yea !!! Get you party hats on wooooopie !!! :D:D:D

  • Nice one Steve!:D

  • Well done steveh thats brilliant :D

    Enjoy your party :D

  • well done enjoy the party you deserve it

  • Congratulations Steve :), 200 days is quite some achievement. What is the secret of your succcess?

  • Hic ! :D:D

  • Yes, its somewhat of a shame you dont post here now Steveh.

    But anyway, congrats and keep looking forward. 6 months is a tremendous milestone.


  • Big congratulations!


  • Steveh 200 days thats fab your a true star and you ns4m Linda xxxxx

  • bleeding fantastic :D

    so very well done !

  • Wow!!!!

    Congrats Steve! That is so wonderful!!! It will be a year before you know it. You should be so proud! You are an inspiration to others!;)

  • Fantastic

    Well done Steve:D

  • so sorry guys.. I missed this anniversary and you didn't! Thanks so much for your support, it makes it all worth while. Trev.. the answer I'm afraid is rather b/a/n/a/l - when you can't take a deep breath anymore, it doesn't really matter how much you'd like a fag, you just don't. Sorry if that's a downer for anyone but it's the reality I live with I'm afraid.

    I am humbled by your comments and I send you all a hug from S America where I currently am wandering the smoke-filled bars of Peru!;)

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