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Day 11, feeling great, 1st time on forum!

Hello everyone,

After many attempts to quit smoking, NRT, Cold turkey, Hypnosis. I have been smoke free for 11 days now.

I am on Champix perscribed from the doctor. I must admit, when i was first handed them i was very sceptical and thought i would not go this long. From the 1st tablet, i went from 12 or so a day to 1-2 a day and after 14 days, quit altogether. I have never gone this long without a cigerette and looking forward to many more years of the same. My Willpower will surge....................

Anyway, great reading all the messages on here, good to see that there is so much support out there.

I have not experienced any side effects really apart from a bit of nausea in the mornings after my 1st pill, however, i have just changed the time and waiting 2 hours or so after breakfast and i am fine!

Only thing i will say is my face has broken out terribly, my diet has not changed, i assume its all the nasty toxins.

Interested to hear other peoples stories!

Smudger :)

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Great job, Smudge!

I can't relate to Champix experience because I didn't ever use it, but there are plenty of people around here who did, and I believe there is even a Champix group on the forum.

Good luck with it all!



Hi Smudger!

First of all, well done! I'm also on Champix, day 9. Still haven't quit, planning to do it tomorrow, but I'm very scared. Let me know how you get on



Thanks Alex,

I will have a look a thte Champix forum now and read other experiences. I am glad there is a web forum like this as the ones on medical websites, the 'real life experiences were not that good. I had not heard of Champix until i went to the doctor in desperation so fingers crossed!

Little Angel,

Don't worry, i didn't quit until day 14 of the tablets. Start looking forward to not smelling, more cash and freedom to do more rather than any negatives, as they may just be a panic of change.



well done

Hi there, just like to say WELL DONE and keep it up.


Hi smudge!

I am a newbie on this forum too! I am on champix too as I had heard great things about them from friends. I stopped yesterday (after trying to smoke & nearly puking!! lol!!) but am feeling really good about it already!!

Good luck & keep us updated on your progress!!

Lisa xx


Hi Lisa,

Just posted on your post..... Weird!!

ha ha.

Good luck xx



Best of luck buddy - 11 days you really should be over the worst, though I found week 2 to be harder than week 1.

I went cold turkey, maybe that makes a difference, there are plenty in here who have gone via Champix and I'm sure they can offer some advise.

Biggest side effects for me:

Interrupted sleep/lack of sleep

Irregular bowel movement

Light headed for first week

Slight increase in wheezing though this is probably a result of coughing/clearing out

Keep winning !



Lol!! I think we were actually writing on each others at the same time?!?!?!?!?!

Keep up the good work!

Lisa xx


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